Apple Loses Out as Netflix Inks Content Deal With Former President Obama

科技动态 2018-05-22

Former United States President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have signed a multiyear production deal with Netflix that will see the two producing television shows and films for the service, reports The New York Times .

Though Netflix had been in negotiations with the Obamas for several months, Apple was rumored to be interested in working with the duo had the Netflix deal fallen through. Apple has been developing a slew of original television shows, and a deal with Michelle and Barack Obama would have been a big win.

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Obama's deal with Netflix will allow for him to create content that will reach millions of people both in the United States and internationally through a new production company he created alongside Michelle Obama called "Higher Ground Productions."

According to Netflix, the Obamas will create "scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features" that are meant to highlight the issues and themes the president worked on during his eight years in office.

"One of the simple joys of our time in public service was getting to meet so many fascinating people from all walks of life, and to help them share their experiences with a wider audience. That's why Michelle and I are so excited to partner with Netflix -- we hope to cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the entire world."

Obama has said that he does not plan to use Netflix to wage a public campaign against current president Donald Trump or to fight against conservative media outlets.

While Apple did not secure a deal with the Obamas, the company has more than a dozen original television shows in the works at the current time. Most of the shows are dramas, with one real estate-related docu-series in the works. Apple does not have any politically-oriented shows planned, and is said to be aiming to keep its content family friendly.

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