Get the calling class in JavaScript

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Get the caller ID in JavaScript / JQuery

I've created an AjaxMethod (a very general method, and I'm doing ASP.NET MVC) to get the ID of the item the user clicks on, to add them into the site cart (by adding them to the cookies). The problem is that my Ajax method has one parameter which is

How to change the called class to javascript when the button is clicked?

I have a div which is

I want the add1 become add+thenumber of length example: var n= $('.add1').length + 1; $('.add1').click(function(){ so what I did is $('.add+n').click(function(){ but it doesnt work, plea

Is it possible to get the caller's background in javascript?

var test = { demo: function(){ //get the caller context here } } //when this gets called, the caller context should be window. test.demo(); I tried arguments.callee and arguments.callee.caller,and no luck...Since this keyword referes to ThisBinding i

How to get the name of the calling class in Java?

I would like some help on this matter, Example: public class A { private void foo() { //Who Invoked me } } public class B extends A { } public class C extends A { } public class D {; } This is basically the scenario. My question is how can me

How to know the call class of a function

Hello is there a way to know the caller class name of a function, specifically for a Java-GWT application?Thread.currentThread is not supported in GWT (remember that java code gets compiled to javascript), so this is a possible duplicate of: How do y

Using Bootstrap & amp; JQuery, how do I get the container class to move to a smaller size when the sidebar is enabled?

I have re-posted this question in better form and included more code in my example. I would delete this one but it says not to delete. Here's a link to my reposted question... Using Bootstrap & jQuery, how to get the container class to change to a sm

Get the current year in JavaScript

How do I get the current year in JavaScript?Create a new Date() object and call getFullYear(). (new Date()).getFullYear() // returns the current year

Get the highest ID using javascript

I have a bunch of note divs in the following format:

<div class="note-row"

How to get the generic class of a list with java reflection?

I have a local variable List or some other List I want to get the generic class of this list variable. The variable is NOT member variable, so do NOT use Field to get the generic class. The method should be public Class getGenericClass(List<E&

Get the calling element with view.js

I want to get the calling html element in vue.js to modify it via jQuery. For now I give every element the class name + the index and call it via jQuery afterwards, but this looks like a crazy hack. What I want to do: new Vue({ el: "#app", data:

How to get the basic URL in javascript

I am building a website with CodeIgniter, I have various resources that I load with the base_url helper function like this <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="'.base_url('assets/css/themes/default.css').'" id=&quo

How to detect the calling class in the static static method c

How does one detect the calling class from within a static method such that if the class is subclassed the subclass is detected? (See comment inside MakeInstance) @interface Widget : NSObject + (id) MakeInstance; @end @implementation Widget + (id) Ma

Is there a way to access variables / retrieve assigned values ​​from the caller class in a method of the called class?

This is similar to the question : Is there a way to access the variables of the calling class in a method? But I am not quite able to get the exact answer. What I am trying to do: class A{ m() { int a=8; new B.m1(); } } class B{ m1() { //Print the va

Get the primefaces version via javascript

Is possible to get Primefaces version using Javascript or Jquery? According to primeface 4 or newer, widgetVar objects are called through PF('widgetVar').something(). While primefaces 3.5 or lower did not support PF function. Thus, I want to write jq

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