Maintain viewstate for html elements?

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I have a generic 'form page' user control that we use that allows editors to insert whatever kind of html form they want to inside of it, and it handles all of the form posts.

My question is, is there a way to store the vanilla non-asp form entries in the viewstate or otherwise save the entries on a form post, in the case that some server-side validation fails, so they can be restored when the page refreshes?

We currently already do upfront javascript validation that catches the majority of the input errors. We store all the form post data in a db before we do further processing, and some of the entries contain junk (spam we wish to ignore) or only partial info (i'm assuming those are cases where the user doesn't have javascript enabled). I'm trying to catch these last fringe cases so we do not process them.

If I am understanding this correctly, 1>User fills form 2>Clicks submit 3>Error detected on the server side 4>The Html posted back should contain the form i already filled with an error message on top.

Have you considered using JQuery Ajax?

The jquery ajax will post to a web method. The web method returns a JSON response. If the response is success redirect user to the next page, else show error on top of the page.

That way you don't need to maintain the state of the user input (since it is never lost).

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