JQuery ajax checks URL data

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jQuery Ajax redundant sending data

I have problem with my jQuery AJAX submission process. JavaScript: $('#myform').submit(function () { if (validateEvenInputs()) { $('#btnevent').attr('disabled', 'disabled'); function getVirtualDirectory() { var vDir = document.location.pathname.split

WCF Web Service causing a browser crash when using Jquery.ajax when returning data is ~ 35k

I am using jquery .ajax() to call a WCFweb service. When I call the web services sometimes my browser crash. The code behind the WCF is working and it complies my output. The output is a string. The string in the case where it crash is 36236 chars lo

jQuery Ajax returns several data

I am using jQuery AJAX to return a string from PHP which consists of some JavaScript, PHP and HTML. I can successfully do this with the following code: header("Content-Type: text/html"); echo $content; $.ajax({ type: 'POST', url: url, data: data

The intermittent call jquery.ajax gets null data and other times real data

I'm using the MVC.net framework and running into a strange issue with a jQuery ajax call. I have a page that allows the user to enter an amount and then click 'next'. When they click 'next', I make an ajax call to the server and return some updated i

The jquery-ajax-json / success data parameter is null

I try to send files via jQuery.ajax, and the posting is works nicely. After the saving of file is done, I try to send back a JSON object of the database information like this: header("Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8"); echo json_en

C # Jquery Ajax Post Multiple Data Parameters

In my c# mvc4 application I have three objects I wish to pass to an ActionResult using an AJAX post with Jquery. The objects are two strings and a form collection. Ive had no problems passing only the form collection, but cant seem to get the syntax

JQuery $ .ajax GET URL and Google geocoding

I have xml file that contains the URLs for geocoding requests to Google. I want to iterate through the file, grab the URL (and later the site name...one step at a time), and send a Geocoding request to Google to get the lat and lng from the response.

Jquery Ajax sends empty data

I'm doing a code that send a data to a php file and send it back again and print it as a response however when i send the data it is sent as an empty data i did not know what is the problem this is the code that i tried: var resource = $('#resource')

How do I set a callback function parameter as 'data' in the & ldquo; jQuery.ajax ({success: function (data) & rdquo;

I am wondering how to set the first parameter of a callback function to what I want, the same way jquery does in the success callback or the complete callback I want to do this: $.ajax({ success: function(data) { alert(data) } }); from what I underst

JQuery Ajax Success Object Data Management

Im having a hard time handling the ajax object pass back. Im trying to loop over each object and output each data value from each object. AJAX call: $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "sample.url", data: JSON.stringify(SDdata), contentType: &

JQuery-AJAX to insert data into the database without updating the page

I have this dropdwonlist, this numbers are votes. In the below code I've put the controller's function where I manage votes. This works fine, with its route-action-template; my question is, how I can do the same but with JQuery-AJAX code without refr

Jquery ajax returned the data: json and html mix?

I have this ajax request to get the data from my server, and the dataType is always html by default. But sometimes it would return json from the server, so I want to check if the returned data is html then execute A else execute B. Is it possible? My

jQuery Ajax (publication), the data is not received by PHP

The Ajax function below sends data from a page to the same page where it is interpreted by PHP. Using Firebug we can see that the data is sent, however it is not received by the PHP page. If we change it to a $.get function and $_GET the data in PHP

jQuery / AJAX - send additional data with file download

I am uploading files to the server using jQuery: $.ajax({ url : 'http://www.example.com', dataType : 'json', cache : false, contentType : false, processData : false, data : formData, // formData is $('#file').prop('files')[0]; type : 'post', success

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