CSS Border Does Not Work

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CSS border does not work in IE6

I have a css class (given below). The border element is working fine in firefox, it creates a 6px white border around the image. But in IE(6) it is not creating any border ie only displays the image. Pls help me out I need to figure it out quickly. .

CSS border does not work in Chrome but works in IE

Can someone please help, I have the following code which works fine in ie8 but not in chrome. I want the border to show and it is not. .sitewidth{ width:1000px; min-height:100%; height:auto; margin:0 auto 0 auto; border-left: 1px #EE6A00 solid; borde

The jquery .css () method does not work

I have a code that uses jQuery .css() method to modify the style of a DIV but it is not working. Here is a simplified version of my code that replicates the issue. HTML: <input type="radio" name="show" id="showleft" value=

The "right" CSS tag does not work as expected using percentages

When trying to use the right tag in CSS it does not work as I might expect. I was trying to make a page where one div would be so many pixels from the left, and extend 100% of the way to the right by using left: 200px; right: 100%; This has worked be

Why sometimes the css page does not work properly, like this case?

As you can see in the image and in this fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/W5Yu4/ I have written the css style and the class in the HTML part but it does not work correctly, like it is not recognize the css class. .model-landing-page .explore-wrapper { width

CSS code does not work in Firefox and IE

I am trying to create a wiggle movement using CSS code. The code works fine in Chrome but not in Firefox and IE. The code that is working is: @-webkit-keyframes spaceboots { 0% { -webkit-transform: translate(2px, 1px) rotate(0deg); } 10% { -webkit-tr

Vertical CSS alignment does not work with the float

How can I use the vertical-align as well as float in the div properties? The vertical-align works fine if I do not use the float. But if I use the float, then it does not work. It is important for me to use the float:right for the last div. I am tryi

JQuery - Variable CSS Property Does Not Work

I want to set CSS properties by a variable: e.g. {background: red; } My code has a mistake, it does not work: js fiddle js var Key = 'background'; var Value = 'yellow'; $('.test').css({ Key: Value }); It should be like .css("propertyname","

CSS: Transition Does Not Work in Firefox Extension

I have something like the following in my css: #mybox-id { background: transparent; transition: background .5s ease-in; } #mybox-id:hover { background: linear-gradient(to top, rgba(229,95,218,1) 40%, rgba(229,95,218,1) 40%, transparent); } Transition

The separate css file does not work on the html file but puts css in the same file as the html works

So I am reading a book called <>, when it comes to CSS the book asks readers to edit a style sheet in a separate .css file and put a link in the html file to link to the .css file. I did it but it does

css: hover does not work after jQuery css change

I have a few

s for which I use css :hover to change the bg-color on hover:



<p class=

Hover css link does not work

HTML TOP OF PAGE CSS .topofpage{ color: #C00; text-decoration: none; } .topofpage a:hover{ color: #FCO; text-decoration: none; } On mouse over color is not changed to #FCOYour problem is

The CSS file does not work in NODE js

For some reason, I have attached my css file to my html file. And then i open the html file using express in node js. However, the css file does not open when i run the webserver through node js. I thought since the css file is included in html that

CSS style does not work when running the MVC application via IIS

I am developing a website inASp.Net MVC 5. I want to test this in local IIS (version 8). But when i run / browse the published site, the CSS styling did not work. in my _layout.cshtml file i did not use bundles, instead i use direct link tags. <link

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