Symfony2 server design best practice

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What is the best source for server design / best practices?

I've searched for a while for a good book which covers server designed patterns. I'm looking for something along the lines of Gang of Four. Concepts include: -- Threaded vs Process vs combo based solutions -- How to triage requests properly. i.e. I e

General Daemon / Server Design - Best Practices (C / C ++, Linux)

These questions are quite general since they keep coming up for me in different situations. I'm hoping there are some basic principles/standard practices. The typical requirements: A program that acts like a "server", running in linux in the bac

Design Best Practices for .NET Architecture with LINQ to SQL (DAL Required?) Can We Really Use POCO?

I was avoiding writing what may seem like another thread on .net arch/n-tier architecture, but bear with me. I, hopefully like others still am not 100% satisfied or clear on the best approach to take given today's trends and new emerging technologies

Is the division of the time and date in two separate date columns in the SQL server the best practice?

Is it best practice to split a dateTime in two datetime SQL columns? For example, 2010-12-17 01:55:00.000 is put in two colums, one column containing a datetime for the date portion: 2010-12-17 00:00:00.000 one column containing a datetime for the ti

Symfony2 brings together best practices from corporate websites

I'm working on a project ... creating a bundle which is gonna be use in multiple instances of sf2. And I wonder what is the best practice about it ? Let it go in src/ or in vendor/ and have it on our git server ? I've tried without success to create

SQL Server Bad & Best Practices

yesterday I found out that setting a database on auto growth is not a very good thing. Are there other basic 'bad' practices (or best practices) when having SQL Server databases in production? thx, Lieven CardoenDo you have data and logs on separate

Ruby Programmer collaboration with Graphics Designer: Best practices?

I've been programming for many years and have just recently got the RoR "itch". I'm thinking about how I could utilize a graphic designer and wondered how best to collaborate with them: 1) Do scaffolding and then show them where to place the gra

Access to the API with Authentication Design - Best Practices?

I'm using Devise in a Rails app and want to expose some of the model data via an API, but access to the API should be restricted just like the app. $ curl {"error":"You need to sign in or sign up before

CoreLocation design best practices for minimal overhead?

I am looking to grab location information, but I don't need continual updates; there are specific and occasional user actions that imply a need to pick up the latest value, so I want to "refresh" the location data and get whatever the current va

RESTful API Design - Best Practices for Changeover Dates

What is the best practice for sharing dates in an API? Is it best to share dates with an SQL-like datetime format - 'YYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS' with an optional timezone embedded inside of it? Or is it best to use milliseconds based on UTC?I prefer to encod

database design: best practice for designing a forum table

I wonder if there is any practice when designing a forum. I want to design a couple of forums. yes there are two different types of forum at least. one is for a selective members and another is open for any public members. In the forum, the member ca

Java Web Service REST good design best practices

I have developed a webservice in Java that runs as a servlet on a tomcat, parameters for the application are given to the servlet via the get request (e.g. servlet?method=search&query=searchterm123), the servlet recognizes if the method and the query

DB Design: best practices to the hierarchical structure

I'll try to expose as clear as possible 😉 Well, i need to store some data that can be linket to themselves as the parent > child relationship, with no-limit deep. My first try was: entry_id | parent_id | value 1 | NULL | Foo //foo is the grand paren

Data Mart Design - Best practice - Why are foreign keys not used?

I am working on project, where a smaller datamart (maybe 30 tables) was implemented from the scratch. Now, the colleague with deep knowledge of this mart is going to do another project, left me alone in this project (with some support from him). I ju

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