Unlocking higher marketing ROI with unified measurement: A step-by-step approach

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Marketers, facing an increasingly fragmented world of consumer attention and media channels, are starting to rely more on tools that leverage data to drive decisions and find a competitive advantage.

Over the past few years, marketing analytics has reached a tipping point where it is a must-have for brands both large and small. Attribution — the science of clearly identifying the parts of the marketing mix that are driving business results — has had a remarkable impact on the way businesses make decisions about their marketing investments.

The most advanced tools deliver insights about things like which messages appeal to which people in which channels, and they contain the key to finding optimal reach, frequency, targeting strategies and budget. Product improvements are delivering an even more granular understanding of message sequencing and can also optimize for the messages that would next be best for multiple audiences, all of whom may be in different stages of the buying process.

A few solutions are even able to include consideration of external factors such as weather and traffic patterns as they calculate the path to higher marketing ROI. What’s more, today’s solutions can deliver optimization decisions so quickly that marketers can leverage these insights while campaigns are live, rather than having to wait for months to see results.

Choosing to use a unified measurement platform is the first step of a journey to unlock the powerful decision-making power of these new tools. This guide, developed with input from the experience of others who have transitioned to a unified measurement tool, gives some practical, step-by-step advice to help your organization avoid some common pitfalls and realize the full benefits of higher marketing ROI more quickly.

We’ve developed this quick guide based on the popular Crawl, Walk, Run framework.

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