Apache Solr 7.3.1 发布,Java 全文搜索服务器

Apache Solr 7.3.1 已发布,Apache Solr (读音: SOLer) 是一个开源的搜索服务器。Solr 使用 Java 语言开发,主要基于 HTTP 和 ApacheLucene实现。


  • Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.

  • 主要组件更新:

    1. Apache Tika 1.17

    2. Carrot2 3.15.0

    3. Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0

    4. Apache UIMA 2.3.1

    5. Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.11

    6. Jetty 9.4.8.v20171121

  • Bug 修复:

    1. SOLR-12204 : Upgrade commons-fileupload dependency to 1.3.3 to address CVE-2016-1000031.

    2. SOLR-12256 : Fixed some eventual-consistency issues with collection aliases by using ZooKeeper.sync().

    3. SOLR-12087 : Deleting replicas sometimes fails and causes the replicas to exist in the down state

    4. SOLR-12146 : LIR should skip deleted replicas

    5. SOLR-12066 : Cleanup deleted core when node start

    6. SOLR-12065 : A successful restore collection should mark the shard state as active and not buffering

    7. SOLR-11724 : Cdcr bootstrapping should ensure that non-leader replicas should sync with the leader

    8. SOLR-12202 : Fix errors in solr-exporter.cmd.

    9. SOLR-12316 : Do not allow to use absolute URIs for including other files in solrconfig.xml and schema parsing.


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