Java For Loop in a table

综合编程 2018-05-16

This question is probably best suited towards anyone with some insight into disk read scheduling.

I have the code:

for(int i = readqueue_tail; i<readqueue_head; i++)

I then use i to access elements in a readqueue array, which goes up to 255. However, once the queue is filled, it starts filling again from 0 (as these requests will have been serviced it doesn't matter).

The issue I'm having is searching from the tail up to the readqueue_head as when the head loops round and goes past 0 again the loop condition fails. How would I go about fixing this?

Other options is just use modulo.

int i = readqueue_tail;
while (i != readqueue_head)
    i = (i + 1) % 256;
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