Chrome, Cortana, Other Apps Crash on Windows 10 After April 2018 Update; Fix Incoming

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Chrome, Cortana, Other Apps Crash on Windows 10 After April 2018 Update;...

Chrome, Cortana, Other Apps Crash on Windows 10 After April 2018 Update; Fix Incoming

Microsoft recently began the rollout of Windows 10 April 2018 update
, which brought a host of notable features such as Windows Timeline, Focus Assist and dictation support among others. But it appears that the update also comes with a bug which causes the systems running the latest Windows update to freeze while using apps such as Google Chrome or Cortana.

Multiple users have reported that running the ‘Hey Cortana’ tool, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox after upgrading to the latest Windows 10 build (version 1803) causes their PC to hang or freeze. Affected users have pointed that when their PC becomes unresponsive, commands like ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ don’t work.

Chrome freezes Windows after April update
from r/Windows10

Microsoft has acknowledged
the issue, confirming that devices running the Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803) may freeze or hang while using certain apps. The company has doled out a few suggestions to help users restore their PC to its normal state if it freezes or hangs up.

  • PC
    : Press the Windows Key+Ctrl+Shift+B
    keys simultaneously to return the PC to its normal state. This key combo restarts your graphics driver.
  • Windows 10 Tablet
    : Simultaneously press the volume up and down button thrice within 2 seconds.
  • Laptop
    : Close and then open the lid of the laptop. ( Note
    : A few users have reported that holding the power button to enter sleep mode and then exiting the sleep mode restores the laptop to its normal state)

Microsoft has assured that it is currently working on a solution to address the issue, and will roll out a fix with the next monthly Windows update which is set to be released on May 8, 2018.

Affected users have reported that the freezing issue mainly affects PCs that come equipped with an Intel HD 620 or an Intel HD 630 graphics unit on a Kaby Lake series processor. Intel Web Team’s Yang Gu mentioned on a Chromium bug thread
that he is currently working with the Google Chrome team to fix the issue.


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