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Though very few doubt iTunes as a top-notch media player, most iOS users blast the app for being not so good iPhone management tool. Fortunately, gone were the times when you had to heavily depend on iTunes for managing your device. With the arrival of several able alternatives like DearMob iPhone Manager , you can take control of your device and the entire data more efficiently than ever before.

To put it straight, there are quite a few well-thought features that make DearMob stand out. Among several neat functionalities that have instantly caught my eyes is the ability to let you transfer photos, videos and contacts from iPhone to the computer with encryption with blazing fast speed. So, if you have to move tons of data to your iOS device from your Mac or Windows PC or vice-versa, this is exactly what you should use to get your work done with the desired flair.

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DearMob iPhone Manager for Mac or Windows Review

Back Up and Restore Your iOS Device More Conveniently

Backing up your iPhone is a breeze with this software. You can quickly back up your photos, music, files, contacts, calendar, voice memos, apps, SMS and more. And if you ever find your device nor running smoothly or faced with stubborn issues like touchscreen unresponsiveness, you will be able to restore it with ease.

To offer an additional safeguard to your data, you can choose to make an encrypted backup. As compared to iTunes, it sails through the entire process a bit more rapidly.

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If you use Apple’s mobile device management tool and no longer want to bear with the slightly complex process, this tool can be of great help to you.

Excellent Media Manager

Another notable feature of this tool is the capability to be a perfect media manager. You can quickly move your photos and videos between your iOS device and computer.

With the lightning fast transfer speed to boot, managing media is such a painless experience with the app.

You can easily select the photos you don’t want to keep on your device any longer and delete them all with just one click. There is also an option to archive your album.

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Using the built-in video manager, you will be able to transfer or convert even 8K videos. It allows you to auto rotate videos 90-degree for full-screen playback. There is also an option to recognize videos by the codec and convert unsupported formats. Better still, with the help of this tool, you can compress large videos up to 50%.

Another feature that has caught my attention is the highly competent music manager. It lets you manage your music with optimum ease. For instance, you can effortlessly add, edit and export songs without any loss of quality. What’s more, DearMob automatically converts the unsupported formats including OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAV, etc. to MP3/AAC so that your user-experience continues to be smooth sailing.

I have a long habit of creating the ringtone with iPhone music. Hence, I’m charmed to see how convenient it’s to make a ringtone using the songs that are on your special playlist. Besides, you don’t need to take the help of iTunes to transfer your crafted ringtones to your iOS device.

Preview and Convert HEIC Photos to JPEG

You can also preview all of your HEIC photos and convert them to JPEG. The best thing about it is that you can select multiple photos and convert them up to 20x faster than other tools.

Step #1.First off, you need to download DearMob iPhone Manager on your computer. And then, connect your iOS to the computer with a lightning cable.

Step #2.Now, you need to select the HEIC photos you wish to convert and then click the Export drop-down menu.

Step #3.Next, hit “Export HEIC to JPG.”

That’s it! All of your HEIC photos will be converted to JPEG instantly.

Offer Top Level Encryption to your fileusing DearMob

To ensure your entire data has the needed security and privacy, the software has adopted (256-bit AES, 1024-bit RSA, PBKDF2, Argon2 encryption tech) top level of encryption technology. Considering how significant privacy is, it always pays to have enhanced shield. I’m glad to see the high level of defense its offers to the data. Read more.

The Price

DearMob is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Currently, the iOS device manager comes at $39.95 for one-year and a Mac or Windows PC. While the lifetime license for two computers is priced at $47.95, the lifetime family license is available for $69.95.

Download DearMob

One thing worth noting is that the 30% discount is for a limited period. Hence, if you want to avail yourself of this offer, you need to hurry up a bit.

Bottom Line:

DearMob has you covered from all fronts. The software is endowed with all the features in its arsenal to let you manage your iPhone with more flexibility.

Whether it’s lightning fast transfer speed, backing and restoring your device more efficiently or taking control of media, it should ideally stand up to your expectation. Moreover, the addition of some top-of-the-line features like HEIC to JPEG converter, creating a ringtone with iOS device music, converting 8K videos put it in the altogether different league.

Let me know what you think of this iOS device manager and whether or not it’s timed for your needs. Download our app and stay connected with us via Facebook , Twitter , and Google Plus to read more such software reviews.


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