Apple’s AirPort Dies as iTunes Reaches a Milestone

移动互联 2018-04-28

Apple is leaving one market and has its sights set on another.

The past week was nothing if not eventful in Apple’s world. The tech giant announced plans to kill its AirPort line of wireless routers and double down on iTunes. And although it continues to say that it’s done nothing wrong in its tax deals in Ireland, Apple agreed this week to start paying into an escrow account some of the 13 billion euros ($15.7 billion) it allegedly owes in that country.

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Meanwhile, Apple made a big move in Microsoft’s Windows world, where the company’s iTunes is now more readily accessible.

Read on for more from this week in Apple’s biggest stories:

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  1. Apple on Thursday announced that it has discontinued its wireless routers
    , including the AirPort, AirPort Extreme, and Time Capsule. The company said in a statement that it only stays in markets in which it can “ make a meaningful contribution
    .” That’s ostensibly not the home router market.
  2. After announcing that it’s moving away from routers, the company published a page on its website
    that provides tips for finding a suitable wireless router from another company. The tips include finding devices with the latest wireless standard
    , 802.11ac, as well as choosing devices that work with WPA2 Personal encryption to improve security.
  3. Apple has agreed to a tax-repayment plan
    that will involve the company depositing 13 billion euros into an Ireland escrow account. The cash will remain in escrow until the European Union’s case against Apple is over
    and one side wins. The EU slapped Apple with the tax bill in 2016, alleging that it obtained illegal state aid that allowed it to significantly reduce its tax burden. Apple has denied the charge and said that it will fight it in court. The tax payments will begin in May and continue until September, when the entire bill will be paid.
  4. After a long wait, Windows PC owners can now download Apple’s iTunes
    through the Microsoft app store built into Windows. Customers could previously download iTunes from the Web but never had access to the app through Microsoft’s marketplace. Apple had promised to make the app available at the end of last year, but apparent delays pushed back its release
  5. The EU this week announced that it’s starting an “in-depth investigation” into Apple’s pending Shazam acquisition
    . Apple announced plans to acquire the music-discovery app Shazam in December for a rumored $400 million. Apple had hoped to close the deal quickly, but the EU’s regulatory body, the European Commission, said this week that there are elements to the deal that give it pause
    . The Commission wants to determine whether the acquisition will negatively affect users and give customers “less choice” for their music listening.

One more thing…Apple CEO Tim Cook met with President Donald Trump
at the White House this week. It was closed to the press, but Cook reportedly discussed China, tax cuts, and how that impacts the business world


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