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Yole电力电子技术与市场分析师Abdoulaye Ly表示:“四种技术主要用于纯电动汽车的牵引电动机。分别是永磁同步电机、永磁辅助同步磁阻电机、感应电机和电励磁同步电机。如今,永磁同步电动机技术在电动汽车行业得到了广泛应用。由于永磁同步电机在正常速度下的高功率密度和效率,我们预计它在未来几年仍将是主要技术。此外,中国是最大的电动汽车市场,几乎所有中国汽车制造商都在使用永磁同步电动机。”




Nowadays, one of the main driving forces of power electronics technology is automobile electrification. Automobile motor is a key part of the power transmission system. Any change of the motor will affect the characteristics of other parts of the power transmission system, such as batteries and inverters.

Abdoulaye Ly, power electronics technology and market analyst at Yole, said: “the four technologies are mainly used in traction motors for pure electric vehicles. They are permanent magnet synchronous motor, permanent magnet auxiliary synchronous reluctance motor, induction motor and electric excitation synchronous motor. Nowadays, permanent magnet synchronous motor technology has been widely used in the electric vehicle industry. Because of the high power density and efficiency of permanent magnet synchronous motor at normal speed, we expect it to be the main technology in the next few years. In addition, China is the largest market for electric vehicles, and almost all Chinese automakers are using permanent magnet synchronous motors. “

A key point in motor manufacturing is that the magnets used in permanent magnet synchronous motors are made of rare earth materials and their refineries are mainly in China. Magnets account for 40% of the total cost of permanent magnet synchronous motors. Non-Chinese automakers using permanent magnet synchronous motors may be severely affected by magnet shortages or cost fluctuations if one of the following occurs:

Given both scenarios, analysts at Yole expect non-Chinese carmakers to reduce their dependence on Chinese rare earth materials by developing new technologies or improving existing non-magnetic technologies. The traction motor market is dominated by three automakers: Tesla, BYD and Volkswagen.

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