“Skinneeeeer!” The Simpsons’ Steamed Hams Gag Gets A VR Experience

These days your meme isn’t really a meme until it’s got a VR experience that turns your entire reality into a shrine of silliness. The Simpsons’ Steamed Hams gag just graduated to that status.

If you’ve held a smartphone in your hands at some point in 2018 you’ve probably noticed the internet has resurrected one of the show’s best sequences in recent weeks. Principal Skinner’s disastrous luncheon with Superintendent Chalmers has been captioned, remixed, and even reenacted with the help of Jeff Goldblum, but now you can finally (finally?) step into the scene for yourself.

This 360 degree video from Imperial Potato puts you into the body of Chalmers for a first-hand retelling of the scene. You can watch poor Seymour sweat as he tries to save face. Sadly, VR technology does not yet let us taste the patented Skinner steamed hams for ourselves, but it will surely make your mouth water.

If you want to watch the video in VR all you need to do is download the YouTube app on iOS/Android and the touch the VR headset icon on the video before slotting your phone into a viewer. If you have a PSVR headset you can also watch it via the YouTube app there.

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