Pros & cons of artificial intelligence in mobile app development

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A few years ago, artificial intelligence
was just the stuff of sci-fi. It was a novel and cool innovation that appeared to dwell in the future. But today, it is a part of the mainstream, with its innovations included in almost every modern device.

Starting from the chatbots to predictive analytics, organizations and developers are investigating innovative approaches to use artificial intelligence to deliver better client services, new items and reconsider business processes. AI and machine learning, both are causing an extraordinary change in the way that engineers, organizations, and clients consider modeling algorithms and intelligent communications with applications.

The idea of artificial intelligence portrays computer systems performing tasks or jobs that would normally require a human to finish. Some of these jobs include; speech interpretation and recognition, basic leadership and visual perception.

There are different classifications or levels of AI in mobile app
development companies. It can be classified into strong and weak. Strong AI depicts programming that could mimic a human, in thought and activities. Weak just mimic human in activities. There is also restricted and general AI, this characterization depends on the extent of the capacity of the programming. And additionally, there are advantages and disadvantages of AI you should consider so your team can make an informed decision.

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Pros of Artificial Intelligence

Completes tedious tasks easily

One of the major advantages of Artificial Intelligence for mobile application development organizations is their capacity to perform and finish tedious jobs that would have generally been excessively exhausting for people. The end of mundane jobs from human workload gives time to developers to deal with more vital issues.

Daily application

AI has found use in our day to day lives. In travel and tourism, AI applications can be utilized to detect areas much effortlessly by utilizing augmented reality. Augmented reality superimposes computer-generated pictures on the real world view of the client, enhancing his/her view of the surrounding. This is additionally utilized in museums, allowing for more vigrous client experience.

AI can likewise be utilized for predictive composition and revision of human spelling. In the posting on photos via social networking sites, AI programming can recognize and identify a man’s face and can correctly tag the person.

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Fewer errors

AI machines are particularly imperative in fields that require a high level of exactness and accuracy. One of such area is space exploration. In this, there is no space for errors and any wrongly set number could demolish the whole procedure. So, AI can turn out to be exceptionally useful in such cases.

Interesting use cases for smart robots

AI has tremendous significance in medications. Smart robots can be utilized in treatment and diagnosis of diseases. They can also help in informing doctors about the side effects of specific medications. Additionally, they can be useful in artificial surgery simulators.

Smart robots can also be utilized for fuel investigation and other mining processes. These robots are built so that they can perform difficult jobs without tiring rapidly.

Cons of Artificial Intelligence

The absence of original creativity

When it comes to imagination and creativity for mobile application development organizations, you can just find it in humans. AI machines are able to help in designing and creating but would not be able to think. So the creativity part will be always missing in AI technology and can only be found in humans. The AI devices do not have the sensitivity and feeling that is just found in humans.

Employment loss

This is one of the main disadvantages of artificial intelligence. Some low-skilled employments have been lost because of replacement by smart machines. A good example is in the assembly line system in mobile app development organizations. An assembly line which would have offered employment to 30-50 individuals can now be automated to such an extent that only 5 individuals will be required for observing and supervision.

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Another major disadvantage of artificially intelligent machines for mobile application development organizations is cost. They are very expensive to build and significantly more expensive to manage and maintain. There is always the requirement for updates so they can coordinate the changing needs and conditions.

The absence of judgment calls

No matter how smart an AI robot is, it will always lack the capacity to make decisions related to people and based on feelings. There are times when human judgment is vital and decisions cannot be based on calculations and algorithms.

No change in experience

In human beings, learning comes after experience. But, this isn’t so with AI machines in mobile application development
organization. Obviously, they can store a lot of data; however they can’t access this data in the similar way as humans do.

They can’t adjust their responses and reactions as per the changing environment. They can’t make a distinction between somebody who is hardworking and somebody who is not. They do not have the human touch which is essential for effective living.

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