HoloToolkit Setup – June Edition

Setting up a HoloLens project with the HoloToolkit – June 2017 edition


A consequence of the hiatus is a lot of change (the only thing that changes faster than your average JavaScript-framework-of-the-month is the HoloToolkit
) so any HoloLens how-to blog post I’d start with I would have to start with ‘how to set up a project’. So I make a little separate post of that subject, thus I can refer to it often. Until the HoloToolkit changes again ;)

File/new project and Getting what you need

First, start a new Unity Project. I have called mine June2017HoloLensSetup.

Setting up the camera …

Setting a whole lot of properties – the easy way …

Sound should be Spatial! …

Some organizing …

Some standard stuff to always add …

Finally some stubbornness …

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