#355: Build A Query Parser Using Ruby, Parslet, and Elasticsearch

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Ruby Weekly
Issue 355 — June 29, 2017


All RailsCasts Episodes Now Freely Available

Ryan Bates returns, offering all Pro and Revised RailsCasts episodes for free going forward.

Christoph Lupprich

Single File Rails Applications

It’s possible to create a Rails app from a single file, including migrations, MVC resources, and tests.

Richard Schneeman

How to Write a Lock-Free Queue

Following up on a previous post about building a queue mechanism, this post examines atomicity and lock-free code in Ruby.

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Highly available, scalable Redis

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Luke Francl

Build A Query Parser Using Ruby, Parslet, and Elasticsearch

A post on building a grammar and parse tree, complete with heuristics on top of Elasticsearch.

Leigh Halliday

Server Rendering React on Rails

The art of doing server rendering for React components inside of Rails.

Starr Horne

Replacing a Complex Regular Expression with a Simple Parser

When reg expressions become complex it may be a good idea to write a parser for your use case.


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