Tomas Votruba: New in Easy Coding Standard 4: Clean Symfony Standard with Yaml and Services

综合编程 2018-03-27

Tomas Votruba
has written up a new post to his site sharing an update to a project
he has to make it easier to enforce various coding standards in your application's codebase. In this update
he talks about the Easy Coding Standard project's v4 alpha that includes a "clean" Symfony standard with support for Yaml and Services.

I wrote about news in Easy Coding Standard 3

a while ago. EasyCodingStandard 4 is not released yet (still in alpha), but soon you'll be able to use all the news I'll show you today.

And what are they? Neon to Yaml, semi-static to Services, customizable caching, even simpler skipper, short bin and more.

He breaks the new features down into a list of six updates:

  • Configure Caching Directory
  • Skip Anything, Anywhere
  • Short vendor/bin/ecs is the King
  • DI Migration Finished: From Neon to Yaml
  • From Semi-Static Checkers to Services as First-Class Citizen
  • Good Bye Neon Class Autocomplete Or not?

For each there's a brief snippet showing how to configure it a brief description of what it enforces.


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