Jenkins does not start as a Windows service

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I have followed the steps to run jenkins as a window service . Followed from URL :

But jenkins is not starting as a window service. When i did some research i found that the problem is with following jenkins.xml file.

Attached as an image. jenkins.xml snapshot

When i change this java keyword to specific jdk path (C:Program FilesJavajdk1.8.0_60binjava.exe) it works but without this jenkins service not started.

So just wanted to know what is exact meaning of java word inside executable tag?

If the executable tag just contains the word ‘java’ then java is expected to be in your PATH system variable.

So if you were to open a command prompt and type ‘java’, it should launch java. If it doesn’t then Java isn’t on your PATH and you will have to specify the full path to the executable, or alternatively add java to the PATH.

Googling “add to path windows” gives plenty of instructions on how to do this.


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