Sebastian De Deyne: Server side rendering JavaScript from PHP

综合编程 2018-03-13

Sebastian De Deyne
has a tutorial posted to his site showing you how to use two packages to render Javascript on the server side
via PHP.

Server side rendering is a hot topic when it comes to client side applications. Unfortunately, it's not an easy thing to do, especially if you're not building things in a Node.js environment.

I published two libraries to enable server side rendering JavaScript from PHP: spatie/server-side-rendering
and spatie/laravel-server-side-rendering
for Laravel apps.

Let's review some server side rendering concepts, benefits and tradeoffs, and build a server renderer in PHP from first principles.

The tutorial starts with a look at what "server-side rendering" means in this case, how it works with the browser and some of the benefits. It then talks about the rendering process and some of the tradeoffs between it and just using Javascript on the frontend. From there the post gets to the examples of the actual rendering process. If creates a simple Vue.js application that outputs a "Hello, world!" template. It then includes the code to use the packages (that, in turn, use the V8JS package
) to render the Javascript and output the result.


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