Encrypt remote web.config

Deploying websites using VSTS/TFS is a breeze. Whether you deploy on premises or in the cloud. Quite often though, when you deploy on premises, you had to encrypt certain sections of web.config files for security reasons. There is no built in task in TFS/VSTS to do that. And, since this activity came up more and more, I’ve decided to write another build task and share it with the world. Introducing Encrypt Remote Web Config task: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=automagically.EncryptRemoteWebConfig

When use the task, specify the following:

  • Folder path to where web.config resides
  • Section(s) of the web.config file you would like to encrypt. You can specify more than one comma separated sections at a time
  • Remote server name or IP address where website resides. You can specify more than one comma separated remote server at a time
  • Remote user name
  • Remote user password. Please use variables to store password securely.

Did I mention that the task is free?


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