SQL Saturday Colorado Springs, and a full-day class with the MidnightDBAs!

存储架构 2018-03-14

We’ll be speaking at SQL Saturday Colorado Springs on Saturday March 24. The day before that, we bring you a full day class about the most important job a DBA has:
managing and maintaining the SQL Server enterprise.

Yes, this applies to you even if you have a little enterprise.

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Abstract – The Enterprise Maintenance Lifecycle: Problems & Solutions

Database maintenance isn’t a single event; it’s a lifecycle. Aside from the maintenance event itself, there’s also reporting, error management, specialized configs, HA/DR and more. In this full day session, we’ll explore the many issues surrounding maintenance and how to solve them in a way that is cohesive and comprehensive. If you’re managing more than one server, come to this session. Learn how to: Deploy maintenance routines to hundreds of servers, effortlessly Standardize configuration throughout the enterprise Set up custom alerts and reports. Manage HA/DR failover scenarios and keep your maintenance intact. Minimize the number of jobs Tune backups and database integrity checks For maintenance, you’ll learn how to: Order index operations to maintain the most important tables first Maximize your maintenance window by fine-tuning your routine. Easily deal with special circumstances like indexes with settings that conflict with maintenance. And much more!

Watch what the DBAs@Midnight have to say about this Pre-Con. Watch this Video:
The Enterprise Maintenance Lifecycle: Problems & Solutions

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