Announcing the Official XDA-Developers Discord Server

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Every month, millions of users make their way over to the XDA-Developers forums to find the best mods, apps, ROMs, and more. We host one of the world’s largest English-language forums for smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch enthusiasts. Although we offer several general-purpose forums, XDA members are often insulated in the bubbles that are their respective device forums. While the traditional forum layout has its strengths, the rapid dissemination of information is not one of them. For that reason, we’re opening up an official XDA-Developers Discord server for all members to join.

For those of you unaware, Discord is a growing player among messenger applications. The service was, and still is, geared towards gamers, but over time it has recognition among non-gamers as an excellent general purpose messaging app due to its ease of use and functionality. Discord is available for download on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. The service is free to use, and we encourage anyone—regular members, themers, developers, and other contributors—to join.

Join the Official XDA-Developers Discord Server


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