How These Co-Founders Divide Their Powers and Get Things Done

创业投资 2018-03-09

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When you’re just starting out, it’s important to know what your priorities are and what your job title entails. As equalco-foundersMatthew Michaelson and Calvin Bohn of Smalls
, a company that creates cat food using human-grade ingredients, have a clear division between their roles, and a process in place for organizing and keeping track of each other’s achievements.

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Michaelson and Bohn have a meeting called "Breakfast and Feelings." It’s where the partners can catch up, discuss the business, prioritize and figure out what needs to get done and who needs to do it. On top themeeting, Michaelson and Bohn also use the online tool Trello
to keep track of workflows and meet to discuss progress and getfeedback.

“It’s inevitable that we’re going to have projects or goals that don’t get hit, but the feedback loop -- making sure that we discuss why something didn’t happen -- allows us to get better,” says Michaelson in the video.

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