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Kevin Indig is 30 years old and lives in Silicon Valley, but he was born and raised in Germany. Kevin is a name many SEOs know, he very in the trenches on the topic of SEO and even on the technical SEO front. He shares a lot of his knowledge and experience on social media and through blog content and articles.

He is also a speaker, speaking at many SEO conferences over the years. He has an SEO podcast as well. He has been doing the SEO beat for over a dozen years now and has always been eager to share what he knows with the community. He works at Atlassian running up the technical SEO team there.

Season Hughes nominated him and wrote:

Kevin took a chance on hiring me – I have zero formal SEO experience – and has spent a significant amount of his own time training me in technical SEO, involving me in projects, providing industry news and blogs, and sharing SEO conferences and groups with me. He’s patiently shown me the ropes of in-house SEO, and I am forever grateful. Outside of Atlassian, he’s had 12 years of SEO experience through his own sites, consulting, mentoring through German Accelerator, speaking, podcasts, and a bi-weekly newsletter. He also trains for weightlifting competitions and is a wealth of knowledge on health and fitness.

Kevin Indig Bio:Kevin Indig has helped companies acquire +100M users over the last 10 years. He currently runs technical SEO @ Atlassian and is a startup mentor at the German Accelerator. Companies Kevin worked with include brands like eBay, Bosch, Samsung, Dailymotion, Pinterest, Columbia, UBS and many others :rocket:.

Favorite thing about the SEO community?My favorite thing about the SEO community is the sharing :pray|type_1_2:. Without it, SEO cannot exist. I remember, when I learned SEO as a young kid in rural Germany, it was the meetups and articles from which I learned the most. That inherent willingness to collaborate is what I love about the SEO community.

One piece of advice to the SEOs out there?Share and receive. Don’t keep the secrets to yourself, put ’em out there! Usually, you get paid back twice.

Favorite things in general?People who know me know that I spend most of my time I’m not working in the gym ����. I compete in Powerlifting and competed in Crossfit and Weightlifting before. It’s the perfect balance to sitting at the desk all day and kind of a meditation for me. I have an Instagram account solely dedicated to my fitness endeavors (which is what Instagram is for).

What you want to be known for in the SEO space?In the SEO space, I want to be known as the guy who puts out fresh, valuable and exciting content, instead of beating dead horses. I want to be known for entertaining and informative presentations, fascinating podcasts and amazing blog articles. I’m working really, really hard at living up to the people I look up to :muscle|type_1_2:.

To learn more Kevin check out his personal site or connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter .

This is part of the say something nice about an SEO/SEM series – feel free to nominate someoneover here.


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