Quasar Framework: Vue equivalent of setTimeOut for mobile applications – IOS and Android

综合技术 2018-03-08

Does exists Vue equivalent of setTimeOut? Sometimes we need to use this functionality not only on webpages this but also for mobile applications on ios and android platform. Presented below solutions works fine for webpages and mobile version applications. I love Quasar framework due to a huge possibilities and very fast process of creation mobile application.

If You wil try implement setTimeout function in standard way for quasar framework – Your solution won’t work!!

For instance:

Normally in mostly solutions base on javascript presented sample works perfect, but under Vue and Quasar Framework setTimeout function will be not executed.

Trick bases on Add bind(this) to your setTimeout callback function.

If we want use timeout functionality for redirection e.g. for splash screen, or something another, then presented solution will works perfect.

Below two samples for mobile app bases on quasar framework – iPhone 7s:

1. Uses setTimeout to show Notify window – after push button Timer, on bottom part of window Notify window is showing:

2. Uses setTimeout to redirect to another page – after push button Timer redirect after 3 sec to another page


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