Voices of the ElePHPant: It’s the Booze Talking – Frameworks

综合编程 2018-03-07

The Voices of the ElePHPant podcast has posted their latest in their "It's the Booze Talking" series. In these shows host Cal Evans
is joined by several members of the PHP community to discuss certain topics. In this latest show they talk about frameworks

is joined by representatives for several popular PHP frameworks including Ryan Weaver
(Symfony), Clark Everetts
(Zend), Joe Ferguson
(Laravel) and Rob Allen
(Zend Framework, Slim). Other panel members include Cathy Evans
, Kara Ferguson
and Chris Tankersley
. They talk about their own experience with frameworks in the PHP community, Composer, PHP the Right Way and several other topics.

You can listen to this latest episode either using the in-page audio player
or by downloading the mp3
directly. If you enjoy the show, be sure to subscribe to the feed
and follow them on Twitter
for updates on when the latest shows are released.


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