The Ins and Outs of Becoming an Oracle DBA

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At the heart of every corporation, there is a server that holds all the necessary information that the business needs to run. Around the world, there is no business that can survive without record-keeping. From SMBs to larger corporations, they all work on the server that houses information about their clients and the orders they are handling. From basic to advanced information such as employee databases, transportation databases, and accounts, all records are housed in a single server. And none of the records get mixed up. These servers are complex data warehouses.

Preparing for a Career in Oracle Is Not Difficult

Building a career in Oracle is not difficult because there are various institutes available to provide certification courses. But Oracle database administration courses are not easy. You need good knowledge of other areas, too, like system administration, networking, hardware, and some basic knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL.

There are lots good online training courses available on the web for providing e-learning Oracle DBA courses. You can learn Oracle DBA at any time from anywhere using online Oracle courses. They offer some good certification training with live instructors using a virtual class environment.

An Oracle DBA is always present on or near the site where the Oracle database system is operating. They are the main help and rescuer available at the site. Troubles, whether they are in the system or in the code of the query generated, are handled by them to save time. He is a certified professional looking after the performance at the heart of your business. If they aren’t trained enough or lack required experience, then your whole system, along with the business itself, in trouble. Any wrong and untimely move can jeopardize the mission of the business.

There are lots of 24/7 running database servers using Oracle as a back-end database. Oracle provides high availability and supports very large databases on any platform like Unix, Linux, and Windows. Most finance, banking, and telecom industries need database support from expert Oracle DBAs.

Periodically, Oracle releases a new version with new features. You should be aware of all of these all features to make yourself stronger in the Oracle DBA field.

But Obtaining a Job as an Oracle DBA Is Difficult

At the moment, the job market is making it very difficult to become an Oracle DBA. While searching for work entails writing numerous cover letters, resumes, and examples of your skills, the important part of a job interview is the technical interview. During a technical interview, you need to know how to show your current skills, show how that you know how to communicate, show that you can handle a heavy workload, and more — and all of these categories are of equal importance. We have seen numerous jobseekers jail to get the job even though they are superior in technical competence and the OCP. As mentioned before, there are lots of new features introduced in every new version of Oracle. In a technical interview to become an Oracle DBA, the interview taker may ask several tricky and scenario-based questions on SQL, administration, tuning, networking, disaster recovery, and more. It is also very tough to get an Oracle job in the market due to high competition.


In short, we can say that there are lots new features introduced in every Oracle version, which means that the technical interview to become an Oracle DBA is becoming tougher. You are not aware of the company’s exact requirements and Oracle database version. The interviewer may ask questions about any kind of Oracle version.

Sometimes, interview questions about SQL are also tricky. You can’t ignore the importance of SQL as an Oracle DBA. A simple question of SQL becomes hard to answer because it asked using a trick.


  1. Without login in SQL*Plus, how can I get SQL prompt in the terminal?

  2. Which command can be executed without login in SQL*Plus?

Above are examples of simple, yet tricky SQL questions. Sometimes, as an experienced Oracle DBA, you are not able to crack this kind of tricky interview question.

Technical interviews about Oracle become more critical when the interviewer uses scenario-based questions about backup recovery or performance tuning. Generally, fresher Oracle DBAs and even intermediate DBAs are confused because they haven’t had enough experience.


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