The values ​​are not populated in the jquery database for a G…

综合技术 2018-03-07

I am fetching a list of values from the controller-action
to load into the data-table
.I have checked that values are getting fetched succesfully from my controller action, but the values are not getting load ed into the data-table
.And it shows

No data available

Here is my Controller.

package com.standout.utilityapplication
import grails.plugin.springsecurity.annotation.Secured

class ReportController {
    AdminService adminService
    def report() { 

        println ("--Inside ReportController");
    def searchAjax(){
        String criteria = params.search_criteria
        println ("criteria "+criteria)
        if(criteria.equalsIgnoreCase("Employee ID")){
        def resultSet = adminService.getReportById(params)
        println("----------------+++++ "+resultSet)


Here is my GSP.


function displayTable(){
    $(function() {
    document.getElementById('reportSearch').style.display = ''


Employee Id Bill Date Amount No. of Persons Bank Submission Date Bank Submission Status Bill Date Reimbursed Restaurant Name Team
Employee Id Bill Date Amount No. of Persons Bank Submission Date Bank Submission Status Bill Date Reimbursed Restaurant Name Team
${it.employee_id} ${it.bill_submitted_dt} ${it.amount} ${it.number_of_persons} ${it.presented_bank_dt} ${it.presented_bank_fl} ${it.receipt_dt} ${it.reimbursed} ${it.restaurant_name} ${}

Could anyone tell me what to do?

Please try using below code snippest.

content from gsp
file You can add other custom things to the table as per your wish.

Branch Name User Name First Name Last Name Contact Number

content for loading / pouplating
data in the data-table

var userDetailsDataTable = "";

userDetailsDataTableReload :  function(){

userDetailsDataTable = $('#userDataTable').DataTable();

userDetailsDataTable = $('#userDataTable').DataTable({
    "ajax": '../restaurantManagement/fetchUserDetails'


from here, we are giving call to the controller action fetchUserDetails


Map userDetailsMap      =   [:]

    List userDetailsList    =   userManagementService.fetchAllUsersByRestaurantId(restaurantId)

    userDetailsMap << [data : userDetailsList]

    render userDetailsMap as JSON

Let me know if it gives you problem.


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