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Validation of CSV file against user defined schema (returns back object with data and invalid messages)

Getting csv-file-validator


npm install --save csv-file-validator


yarn add csv-file-validator --save


import CSVFileValidator from 'csv-file-validator'

CSVFileValidator(file, config)
    .then(csvData => {
        csvData.data // Array of objects from file
        csvData.inValidMessages // Array of error messages
    .catch(err => {})

Please see Demo for more details /demo/index.html


CSVFileValidator(file, config)


Type: File

.csv file


Type: Object

Config object should contain headers array, array of row header (title) objects

const config = {
    headers: []


Type: String

name of the row header (title)


Type: String

key name which will be return with value in a column


Type: Boolean

If required is true than a column value will be checked if it is not empty


Type: Function|String

If value is empty requiredError function will be called with arguments headerName, rowNumber, columnNumber


Type: Boolean

If it is true all header (title) column values will be checked for uniqueness


Type: Function|String

If one of the header value is not unique uniqueError function will be called with argument headerName


Type: Function

Validate column value. As an argument column value will be passed For e.g.

function(email) {
    return isEmailValid(email)


Type: Function|String

If validate returns false validateError function will be called with arguments headerName, rowNumber, columnNumber


Type: Boolean

If column containes list of values separated by comma in return object it will be as an array

Config example

const config = {
    headers: [
            name: 'First Name',
            inputName: 'firstName',
            required: true,
            requiredError: function (headerName, rowNumber, columnNumber) {
                return `${headerName} is required in the ${rowNumber} row / ${columnNumber} column`
            name: 'Last Name', 
            inputName: 'lastName', 
            required: false
            name: 'Email', 
            inputName: 'email', 
            unique: true, 
            uniqueError: function (headerName) {
                return `${headerName} is not unique`
            validate: function(email) {
                return isEmailValid(email)
            validateError: function (headerName, rowNumber, columnNumber) {
                return `${headerName} is not valid in the ${rowNumber} row / ${columnNumber} column`
            name: 'Roles',
            inputName: 'roles',
            isArray: true


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