Trend Watch: Hand-Drawn Illustration

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Bring out the artist in you! Let's explore the hand-drawn illustration trend below.

Trend Watch: Hand-Drawn Illustration

One of the first ways we communicated as humans was throughprehistoric art. We told magical stories of the world around us and the ideas we believed.

So it's no wonder why hand-drawn illustrations have continued to be a favorite pastime for many creatives. Not only is it a cathartic expression with rhythmic lines and blending, but it is one of the purest forms of getting our ideas and our history onto a canvas.

Today, we'll explore the hand-drawn illustration trend. Let's take a look at its key features and a few of our favorite resources!

Hand Drawn Doodle Patterns

What We Love About This Trend

Designers everywhere love to draw! Here are a few key features of this trend:

  • Realistic Textures. No drawing expertise required. Though hand-drawn illustrations are imperative to many creatives, designers also create extraordinary packages to add that traditional touch to your work. Explore fun Photoshop brushes, realistic background textures and more for that authentic look.
  • Relaxing and meditative. We often forget the meditative qualities of art, but hand-drawn illustrations remind us of its important use in our daily lives. Incorporate some doodling into your day with a fun and relaxing project!
  • From doodles to detailed designs. There is beauty in both simple and complex design. Find your groove by exploring your interests in minimalist and detailed illustrations. Work on your patience by developing a skill set useful to many mediums.

Fun Hand-Drawing Lessons

No matter your skill level, you can try this trend! So check out these tutorials for more inspiration. Learn how to draw amazing illustrations using your favorite tools!

  • Drawing

    Art Therapy: How to Draw a Mandala

    Monika Zagrobelna

  • Blob Brush Tool

    How to Create Hand-Drawn Frames in Adobe Illustrator

    Mary Winkler

  • Nature

    How to Draw a Leaf Step by Step

    Eugenia Hauss

  • Hand Lettering

    Hand Lettering: Scripts, Swirls, & Flourishes

    Scott Biersack

  • Colored Pencils

    Learn Colored Pencil Techniques and How to Create a Trio of Flowers

    Eugenia Hauss

  • Drawing

    How to Draw a Dragon Step by Step

    Monika Zagrobelna

  • Nature

    How to Draw Spring Flowers With Colored Pencils

    Eugenia Hauss

  • Animals

    How to Draw an Owl

    Eugenia Hauss

  • Vehicles

    How to Draw a Car From Scratch

    James Butler

  • Flowers

    How to Draw an Orchid With Pastel Pencils

    Eugenia Hauss

  • Drawing

    How to Draw Trees

    Monika Zagrobelna

  • Drawing

    How to Create a Hand-Drawn Pointillism Portrait

    Megan Eckman

  • Drawing

    Use Ink Liners to Create a Skull and Roses Drawing

    Eugenia Hauss

  • Tattoo Design

    How to Draw a Vintage Pin-Up Portrait Tattoo Illustration

    Lucy Pryor

  • Patterns

    Design a Floral Pattern for Fabric in Adobe Photoshop

    Lidija Paradinovic Nagulov

  • Spirit Day

    Transform a Stock Photo Into an Airbrushed and Stenciled Illustration

    Mary Winkler

  • Comics

    How to Ink a Comic Character in Adobe Illustrator

    Sara Berntsson

  • Pencil

    How to Draw and Render Realistic Fur With Pencils and Charcoal

    James Butler

  • Fan Art

    Create Your Own Star Wars Fan Art With Pencils

    James Butler

  • Font Design

    The Basics of Drawing Type & Creating Your Own Handwritten Font

    Grace Fussell

25 Amazing Hand-Drawn Design Assets

Want more inspiration? Take a gander at these premium resources from Envato Market and Envato Elements to aid in your hand-drawn designs.

Dive into this collection of quality goodies, from abstract backgrounds to print templates and more!

Pencilum - Real Hand Drawn Photoshop Action

See yourself transformed into a work of art with this highly detailed Photoshop action. A one-click action that does all the work for you, this action includes brushes, patterns, and 20 color presets for more options. Great for Instagram and more!

Sketch / Hand Drawn Mockup Set

One of the easiest ways to make your posts Instagram-worthy is with a creative mockup set. This high-quality package features 11 Photoshop scenes that are ready to use. Simply update the easy-to-use smart objects with your illustrations for a professional look! Give it a try!

10 Monograms Collection

Monograms highlight the letters of your name with class and style. So create a charming monogram perfect for any print or logo design. This luxurious set includes 10 vector monograms that are easy to update! Create unique branding packages and more with this pack!

Hand Drawn Design Elements

Need a big pack of hand-drawn elements? We've got you covered! Featuring 280 elements to decorate your work, this massive pack includes many awesome elements you're sure to use. Enjoy amazing hand-drawn swashes, patterns, and elegant wreath designs.

Hand Drawn Floral Wedding Invitation

Make your special day even more memorable with a hand-drawn design. This floral wedding invitation set includes various Photoshop files to complete your wedding creations. Enjoy standard high-quality files for thank you cards, official invites, and more. Free fonts included!

Hand Drawn Geometric Shapes

Combine two trends into one project for impeccable design! This set of geometric shapes is great for adding a modern touch to any print or poster. Included are 27 hand-drawn illustrations of various geometric shapes you can color and scale to any size. An elegant find!

15 Hand Drawn Gold & Silver Patterns

Simplicity is key in this modern world. That's why this amazing pattern pack is great for any beginner to design! Get access to 15 hand-drawn gold and silver patterns for backgrounds, posters, and more! Or upgrade dull wrapping paper with creative patterns!

Black and White Seamless Flower Pattern

Flowers add a beautiful touch of nature to any work. So check out this divine black and white flower pattern. A seamless vector design of hand-drawn dahlias, this pattern is simple and easy to use. Just drag and drop it into your minimalist designs or color it for even more pop!

Hand-Drawn Vector Feathers Set

Create that majestic look with this set of hand-drawn vector feathers. Featuring nine detailed feathers with elegant curves and lines, this pack can help you create gorgeous dream catchers, backgrounds, and so much more. Add a beautiful gradient to make them stand out with exciting colors!

Mexican Skull on Chalkboard Background

Transform your Day of the Dead theme with this brilliant Mexican skull illustration. Inspired by the detailed sugar skulls found around this special holiday, this illustration is completely vector and fully scalable. Use it on posters, invites, and more!

Illustrator Pencil Brushes

You don't have to miss out on this trend just because you're working digitally. Take our word for it with this brilliant set of Illustrator brushes. Inspired by pencil textures for that realistic traditional look, this set includes 30 total brushes. Adjust the color and stroke width as required for easy illustrations.

Doodle Style Business Card Template

Get creative with a stylish doodle-inspired business card, designed with humorous characters and bold fonts. You'll be able to say exactly who you are with this nifty set. Update it easily in Adobe Photoshop by using the fully editable layers. You'll love these cards!

100 Essential Brush Strokes

You can also get that traditional hand-drawn look with high-quality Photoshop brushes. Check out this magnificent set! Featuring 100 essential brush strokes of varying lengths, styles, and textures, this pack is perfect for digital illustrators. Add them to your paintings or print work quickly and easily!

Hand Drawn Floral Logo Kit

Could your logos use something more? Consider a phenomenal gold wreath as an option. Featuring 30 hand-drawn brushes of amazing floral designs, this pack is a perfect addition to your design arsenal. Each wreath is fully resizable, and the text is editable for more customization.

Nautical Hand Drawn Vector Set

Water scenes are calming to us all. So create a lovely landscape and nautical scene with this hand-drawn vector set. Featuring eight high-resolution vectors perfect for designers, these illustrations can be scaled to any size! Use them for postcards, invites, and posters!

Hand Painted Photo Mask Shapes

Photo masks allow you to add creative overlays to your photography and digital art. This awesome set includes 30 hand-painted masks available in several formats. Choose from interesting shapes and styles for a unique and traditional edge.

11 Hand Drawn Card Templates

Show your loved ones how special they are with a lovely hand-drawn card. This Photoshop template includes 11 hand-drawn designs inspired by love, geometric patterns, and colorful textures. It's fully editable and print ready, so you'll be able to enjoy this set today!

Chamber Music Festival Poster

Channel the great musicians of our time with this beautiful music festival poster. Inspired by traditional mediums reminiscent of pastel and charcoal, this poster is elegant and print ready. The best part? It uses free fonts for easy editing.

12 Handmade Sunbursts

Add a bit of sunshine into your designs with a pretty handmade sunburst. This set features 12 unique designs that vary in style and texture for all your vintage needs. Created with Adobe Illustrator, these sunbursts are scalable and fully editable.

Hand Drawn Calligraphy Wedding Package

Calligraphy is a stunning hand-lettering medium that is far from dying out! And you can celebrate your special day with this inspiring wedding package. A massive suite of premium goodies, this pack contains 15 Photoshop files of invites, thank you cards, and hand-drawn titles.

Chalkboard Photoshop Layer Styles

One of the most popular ways you'll see this trend play out is with creative layer styles. This chalkboard set, for instance, is great for beginners to Photoshop who love that traditional chalk look. Use it on menus, flyers, or logos for a classic traditional aesthetic.

Academy House Font

We can't have a hand-drawn illustration list without at least one impeccable font! So check out the stunning Academy House typeface. Featuring a bouncy baseline and realistic grunge texture, this font is perfect for many hand lettering projects. Download it now to get 15 premade logos!

Olive Hand Drawn Set

Olive oil is essential to any food lover. Have fun crafting your next delicious menu with a delightful set of hand-drawn illustrations. This set includes eight vector illustrations which can be easily inserted into any template. And they're great for olive lovers!

Hand Drawn Cloudy Pack

Clouds are always hard to draw, so let us give you a hand! Check out this helpful pack of abstract cloud doodles featuring a playful, casual design with many options to choose from. You can use these for children's illustrations and so much more. Try it out!

World Map Poster

Travel the world of music with an exciting festival poster! This design features an awesome vintage-inspired look with hand-drawn elements like banners and titles. Also included are 10 bonus backgrounds for more print-ready options.

Show Us Your Hand-Drawn Illustrations!

If you're as fond of the hand-drawn illustration trend as we are, show us your work! Post a result showing us how you draw your designs, and let us know your favorite styles in the comments below.

Need a custom design instead? Enlist the help of the talented folks at Envato Studio for beautiful hand-drawn illustrations.

This has been a collection of tutorials and premium resources perfect for the avid designer. For more trendy hand-drawn assets , check out Envato Market and Envato Elements . Happy Designing!


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