Brand-new, unused Samsung Galaxy S8+ goes for $490 in fresh eBay deal

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where Galaxy S8 and S8+ prices are headed now that the significantly higher-end S9 and S9+ have been unveiled andput up for pre-order, but Samsung continues to charge a rather hefty $600 and $690 for unlocked versions of the two early 2017 flagships.

On the bright side, you can also “instantly” shave $50 off a DeX Station, not to mention the up to $300 available in trade-in savings. Still, that can never compare to the convenience of being able to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus at $490 outright, no strings attached.

What’s the catch? Well, you’re obviously not going to deal with the Korean OEM directly or a major authorized retailer like, say, Best Buy. Instead, you’ll need to take your business to eBay, and settle for a 60-day seller warranty in lieu of the 12 months typically covered by the phone’s manufacturer.

You may hesitate to pull the trigger due to the S8+ being listed in “new other” condition as well, but fret not, as that simply means the item is missing its original packaging. Otherwise, you’re looking at a completely new, unused device with “absolutely no signs of wear”, shipped in a generic box for free nationwide.

You don’t have to worry about the reliability of the eBay seller either, as BuySpry is a veteran member of the popular online auction and shopping website with a 98.3 percent positive feedback. Your 490 bucks will get you a 4G LTE-enabled variant of the Galaxy S8+ compatible with both Verizon and GSM networks, in your choice of orchid gray or midnight black paint jobs.

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Android , Deals , Ebay , Galaxy S8 , Galaxy S8 Plus , News , Samsung

Android , Deals , Ebay , Galaxy S8 , Galaxy S8 Plus , News , Samsung

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