Trend Watch: Ice Cream & Pastel Design

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Creatives everywhere love pastel design! Let’s find out why in this article!

Trend Watch: Ice Cream & Pastel Design

I scream, you scream, we all scream for pastel design! Sweet and a little sinful, this delicious color scheme has designers everywhere with heart emoji eyes.

Pastel colors come from the traditional medium of pastels. They’re usually soft and soothing in tone because of their low saturation and subdued colors.

Also inspired by some of the best foods on the planet, pastel design flirts with that playful side in all of us. Some of our favorite colors include pink, baby blue, and light violet to name a few.

Today we’ll discuss one of the sweetest trends to hit the design industry: ice cream and pastel design . Let’s see what we love about this trend and go over a few of our favorite resources.

Cosmetic Tube & Box Mock-up

What We Love About This Trend

What are your favorite flavors of this trend? Let’s check out a few key features:

  • Dreamy pastel colors. Pastel colors are lighter hues with a silky, dreamy appearance. Experiment with a few of your favorite swatches for a magical result!
  • Delicious topics. We all love food. It’s yummy and nutritious, and it releases tons of fun-loving endorphins. So make room for fun-filled topics inspired by your favorite treats!
  • Light-hearted themes. We live in a stressful world. And pastel design reminds us of that child within us gleaming with hope and candy-filled dreams. So hold onto that inner voice —it always leads to phenomenal design.

Fun Ice Cream & Pastel Lessons

Our experts have made lots of fun pastel-themed tutorials to satisfy your taste buds! Check out these lessons to learn more about traditional and digital art techniques:

  • Drawing Theory

    Introduction to Traditional Media: Chalk Pastels

    Tracy Butler

  • Flowers

    How to Draw an Orchid With Pastel Pencils

    Eugenia Hauss

  • Digital Painting

    How to Create a Pastel Painted Landscape in Adobe Photoshop

    Yulia Sokolova

  • Drawing

    How to Draw Ice Cream Step by Step

    Eugenia Hauss

  • Affinity Designer

    How to Design a Set of Retro Kitchen Items in Affinity Designer

    Yulia Sokolova

  • Text Effects

    How to Create a Rococo Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

    Diana Toma

  • Branding

    How to Create a Millennial Pink Stationery Set in Adobe InDesign

    Grace Fussell

  • Icon Design

    How to Create a Set of Flat Animal Icons in Adobe Illustrator

    Yulia Sokolova

  • Character Design

    How to Create a Watercolor Mermaid Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

    Maria Dimova

  • Brushes

    How to Create a Confetti Brush in Adobe Illustrator

    Sharon Milne

  • Photo Manipulation

    How to Create an Abstract, Psychedelic Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

    Ernest Lim

  • Photo Manipulation

    How to Create a Surreal Animal Photo Manipulation With 10 Photos in Adobe Photoshop

    Jenny Le

  • Text Effects

    How to Create an Ice-Cream Scoop Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop


  • Illustration

    How to Create a Colorful Candied Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

    Asher Benson

  • Patterns

    Create a Seamless Fantasy Floral Pattern in Adobe Photoshop

    Lidija Paradinovic Nagulov

  • Icon Design

    How to Create a Set of Ice Cream Icons in Adobe Illustrator

    Andrei Stefan

  • Illustration

    How to Draw a Colorful, Tasty, Ice Cream, Sundae in Adobe Illustrator

    Mary Winkler

  • Portrait

    Create a Summer Portrait From a Stock Image in Adobe Illustrator

    Sharon Milne

  • Fan Art

    How to Create the Hello Kitty Character in Adobe Illustrator

    Nataliya Dolotko

  • Text Effects

    How to Create a Quick Soft Pastel Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop


20 Amazing Ice Cream & Pastel Design Assets

Can’t get enough pastel design? Download these premium resources from Envato Market and Envato Elements to aid in your tasty creations.

Explore this beautiful selection of premium goodies, from abstract graphics to print templates and more!

15 Pastel Blurred Backgrounds

Let’s start with this super dreamy blurred backgrounds set. It’s available in three different resolutions, so you’ll be able to streamline these pastel backgrounds for all your devices. Included in this pack are 15 total backgrounds, available in several stunning color schemes.

Pastel Colors Lightroom Presets

Add color-enhancing presets to your photo editing process! This pack of pastel Lightroom presets contains 20 amazing options to make your photos come to life. Bring a cotton candy color effect to your work for phenomenal, professional-looking photos.

Watercolor Texture Soft Pastel

A little color goes a long way. And you’ll love this pretty pack of watercolor textures featuring your favorite pastel-inspired trend. This pack includes 39 realistic watercolor textures, all available as PNG files. Have fun working them into your next pretty project!

Goblin Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Create a winning presentation with this multipurpose PowerPoint template! Developed with an extraordinary pastel color scheme, this template can be used for any business or educational event. Easily customize the layout with adjustable placeholders and more.

Elegant Pastel Business Card Template

Need an elegant business card that is super demure? Then try this beautiful set of pastel-themed business cards. Designed with simplicity in mind, this template comes in the traditional business card size with bleed lines and all. Download it today for an effortless card!

Stylish Fashion Poster Flyer Template

A playful ode to the 90s, this flyer template mashes several trends into one! Enjoy the stylish design packed with fully customizable layers and unlimited color options. A helpful instructional file is also included for beginners to design.

Ice Cream Menu Template

Live out your dreams with this delicious ice cream menu template. Created for business owners and entrepreneurs, this template is simple and easy to use. Just open it up with Photoshop or Illustrator to customize the menu with your items. It’s that simple!

Tribal Ethnic Seamless Stripe Pattern

Feminine and romantic, this pastel seamless pattern is a playful twist on tribal design. Use it as a background for your print and web work, or even for apparel design. Enjoy high-quality, lossless details available in 100% vector format.

Unicorn Birthday Invitation

Celebrate your inner unicorn with this fabulous birthday invitation. An adorable design perfect for any kid or ageless adult, this design is both sweet and magical. Available in four lovely colors, this template comes with pink, blue, yellow, and purple versions.

Floral Minimal Business Card

Win over clients or recruiters with this sleek and sophisticated business card set. Designed with a lovely floral color scheme, this card is print ready for a quick turnaround. Download it today to get one high-resolution Photoshop file with free fonts included.

Summer Party Flyer

Plan your next ice cream or summer party with a delicious flyer like this one! Featuring an inviting ice cream and pastel-themed design, this flyer is super easy to use. Just update the print-ready template in Adobe Photoshop with your party details. Try it out!

Floral Wedding Invitation Set

Take the stress out of your wedding with this striking floral invitation set. Packed with all the wedding essentials you’ll need, this template comes with invites, RSVP and name cards, and so much more! You’ll love the simplistic floral design that can go with many wedding themes!

Pastel Passport Wedding Invitation

Kick off your wedding plans with a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation. This template offers a cool passport invite for a new twist on print invitations. Enjoy two alternate color schemes along with ready-to-use files you can easily adjust. Let us know how you like it!

Color Fades Lite Backgrounds

Enjoy six color-faded designs to add to your vibrant posters with this stunning set of color-faded backgrounds. Featuring ultra-fine textures and trendy ombre gradients, this pack is stylish and chic! Use them for stationery, online content, and wallpaper.

Ice Cream Game Set with UI

Design your first app with this stylish ice cream game kit. Featuring one Photoshop file packed with all the essentials, this template comes with colorful icons and so much more! Get access to additional features to take the headache out of app design. You’ll love this pack!

Packaging Mock Up Ice Cream

Want to open up a new ice cream shop? Or show clients your work on their products? Now you can with this delicious ice cream packaging mockup. This set includes several impressive scenes with realistic objects and minimalist backgrounds. Give it a try!

50 Bakery Icons

Get all the sweet icons you need for your web and app designs! This massive pack of 50 essential icons includes everything from baked goods to ice cream and even holiday items! Easily customize them with a variety of programs for more color options.

Seamless Candy Background For Game

Game kits let you test out your amazing game ideas for impressive results! Check out this seamless candy background complete with vector shapes and elements. The 3D text is completely editable, so you’ll be able to update it in no time at all!

The Simple Chic Digital Art Pack

Need a few simple backgrounds without all the extra fuss? Then download this chic digital art pack! Filled with over 60 extraordinary designs, this pack includes high-resolution files that are soft and minimal. Just drag and drop them into your projects for a stunning result!

Show Us Your Designs!

If you’re as fond of the ice cream and pastel trend as we are, show us your work! Post a result showing us how you work with pastels and let us know your favorite styles in the comments below.

This has been a collection of tutorials and premium resources perfect for the avid designer. For more trendy pastel designs , check out Envato Market and Envato Elements . Happy Designing!


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