Qualtrics Strengthens Asia-Pacific Presence with New Japan Office and Leader

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Qualtrics today announced it is growing its Asia Pacific presence with the opening of aQualtrics Japan office, based in Tokyo. The new Japan office will allow Qualtrics to address the important Japanese market and provide high quality, local service to our Japanese clients.

Leading Qualtrics in the Japan region is Satoru Kumashiro, who brings 19 years of experience in the technology industry. As head of Qualtrics Japan, Kumashiro, based in Tokyo, will establish an initial team of eleven employees in 2018. He will focus on scaling the Qualtrics organization in Japan to include client success, implementation, support, marketing, and technical functions to support the rapidly expanding customer base.

Qualtrics Poised to Grow in Japan

Qualtrics will provide a full range of experience management services and aims to build the local team to more than fifty employees in support of the customer base, which is expected to grow to more than three-hundred customers within the next three years.

“The Japanese market has always been focused on products of the highest of quality. In today’s market, the consumer experience has become an essential and inseparable part of the product. Companies that deliver the best consumer experience around their products will outpace their competitors through increased customer retention and growth, reduced customer churn, new customer acquisition and hence, revenue growth. This is the perfect time for Qualtrics to partner with organizations to help them establish their experience management programs, including customer experience, market research and employee experience initiatives,” said Bill McMurray, Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Qualtrics.

“I am delighted to have Satoru join Qualtrics. We are confident that the market opportunity in Japan, combined with Satoru’s experience, positions us to deliver value to organizations across the country.”

“I am thrilled to join Qualtrics and lead our Japan efforts. A key focus for Qualtrics is to establish a significant presence in Japan, with our initial goal to deliver superior support for clients in the region,” said Satoru Kumashiro, head of Qualtrics Japan. “The business landscape in Japan is witnessing a paradigm shift as experience management emerges to become a new focal point for brands in the country, but many are still considering the best approach. Qualtrics offers a single system of record for all experience data which allows organizations to easily measure, prioritize, and optimize the four core experiences of business – customer, product, employee and brand – all on one platform. Japan is ready for experience management. We will absolutely help companies differentiate and lead in the local market.”

“Experience Management is the next major wave of business applications, which will deliver competitive advantages to organizations globally. I am looking forward to seeing industry-leading organizations across Japan work closely with Qualtrics to utilize our XM platform to attract and retain more customers, be agile in their responsiveness to customers, and in-turn grow their revenues.” said McMurray.


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