Tech Moves: Algorithmia adds AI vet to board; Heart experts to advise Cardiac Insight

创业投资 2018-02-21 阅读原文

Andy Jacques. (Photo courtesy of Algorithmia)

Algorithmia , a Seattle based marketplace for AI and machine learning algorithms, named prominent artificial intelligence executive Andy Jacques to its board of directors. The addition comes just a few months after the company raised a $10.5 million round , led by Google’s new AI investment arm.

Jacques is well known for his role as the CEO of San Francisco area data intelligence company Lattice, which was backed by Madrona Venture Group and was acquired by Apple last year for a reported purchase price of around $200 million . He is now an executive working on Apple’s Siri team, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Algorithmia also tapped AI startup executive Chris Armstrong to be its director of engineering. Armstrong was formerly the VP of engineering at Kubernetes engineering company Deis and held technical roles at Socrata and Jazz HR.

GeekWire identified Algorithmia — founded in 2014 and led by former Microsoft program manager Diego Oppenheimer — as one of the ten most promising startups in the Seattle region back in 2015.

John Camm. (St. George’s University of London Photo)

Cardiac Insight , a startup that creates heart monitor technology, tapped two scientists to join its board of directors: John Camm of St. George’s University of London and Dr. Albert Waldo of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Both are experts in atrial fibrillation and other heart disorders central to Cardiac Insight’s detection and diagnosis technologies.

“We are honored to welcome Professor Camm and Dr. Waldo to Cardiac Insight’s community of cardiologists and scientists driving the innovation and research behind our revolutionary medical devices and software,” Cardiac Insight CEO Brad Harlow said in a press release. “Both represent the growing appeal of our approach and expanding global outreach.”




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