5 Astrology Sites and Apps for Horoscopes and Zodiac Signs

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What do the stars have to say about your future (or your present)? These astrological sites and apps can fill you in with Zodiac signs and horoscopes.

Astrology has pushed its way into the mainstream psyche, and people want to know how the movement of celestial bodies is affecting their lives. Here’s how you can find out, and even learn how to read astrological charts yourself.

Let’s be clear: astrology isn’t scientific , although it is often misunderstood to be science. You shouldn’t be taking big life decisions based on this. But hey, it’s always a relief to let go of control once in a while, right?

1. Cafe Astrology : Get a Free Natal Birth Chart

The first thing anyone interested in astrology needs is a natal chart or birth chart. And you can get yours for free on Cafe Astrology (or several other sites and apps). All such apps work the same way, and I chose Cafe Astrology purely for the explanations that come with the chart.

For those who don’t know, a natal chart is a map of where all planets were, with respect to the Sun and the earth, at the time you were born. Cafe Astrology is among the few sites I saw which has a detailed explanation of each aspect of the chart. It’s vital information for a newcomer to astronomy 5 Tools to Watch the Night Sky and Track Events in Astronomy 5 Tools to Watch the Night Sky and Track Events in Astronomy Today, you don’t have to use a telescope to enjoy the wonders of space. These sites and apps are for real-life star-gazers who need to know what to look at up above. Read More and astrology.

To get your birth chart, you’ll need to know the exact time you were born, as well as your birthplace city. Without these two data points, you won’t get a proper natal chart, so work on finding that information first.

2. /r/AskAstrologers : Quick Answers About Your Birth Chart

Got a question about your natal birth chart? For a free answer to your queries, head to Reddit’s Ask Astrologers community. You’ll also need to get your chart from Astro.com andupload it to Imgur Upload, Edit & Share Your Images Online With Imgur, The Simple Image Editor Upload, Edit & Share Your Images Online With Imgur, The Simple Image Editor Everybody needs a decent image editor. There are times when you’ll need to crop, rotate or make other light edits to your images. One of the online image editors that you can use is imgur…. Read More .

Please read the rules carefully before you write a post. You can’t ask for free consultations or chart readings or offer paid services either. This is a community to help each other figure out questions like where is Saturn in your chart, or which house is being ruled right now. And whatever you do, don’t ask for horoscopes! It’s a recipe for an instant ban, and there are other apps for that.

Above all, remember that with any online community, you need to follow their etiquette 6 Unwritten Rules For Posting Content On Reddit [Opinion] 6 Unwritten Rules For Posting Content On Reddit [Opinion] Every society and/or community has their own unwritten rules of proper etiquette, courtesy, and communication. Granted, I’m not going to say every set of rules is perfect, but I will say that they do exist…. Read More and not be a pest. Over time, Ask Astrologers can be an excellent place for you to meet people with similar interests, and practice your reading skills too.

3. Astrology Zone : Famed Astrologer Susan Miller’s Blog and App

For monthly horoscopes and almost any other reading you need, head to Astrology Zone. Susan Miller’s 20-year-old blog and app is perhaps the premier destination on the internet for horoscopes and other astrological information.

Miller’s free monthly horoscopes 3 Fun Programs For Free Fortune And Tarot Readings 3 Fun Programs For Free Fortune And Tarot Readings Read More are super popular, and the site highlights important astrological events in regular updates. You can also learn a bit of astrology here, but for that, I have a better recommendation below.

A lot of the content is paid, including daily horoscopes, and costs $4.99 per month. But if you care about this information, the price is worth it considering you get data from the web’s leading astrologer. And you can access the horoscopes through email, apps, or the website.

Download:Astrology Zone for Android (Free) | iOS (Free)

Miller also has a monthly show on Amazon Video where she touches upon the major astrological events of the upcoming month, as well as some fun facts. It’s one of those additional benefits of Prime 6 Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Be Ignoring Right Now 6 Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Be Ignoring Right Now Scratch the surface. Amazon Prime has so many more benefits that people have forgotten about or simply don’t realize exist. Read More that you didn’t know about.

4. The Astrology School : For Beginners and Experts

Astrologer Chris Brennan has been writing and conducting podcasts for over a decade, but his new YouTube channel is what any beginner needs. That’s partly because you also get his Astrology Podcast as part of the deal.

Brennan hosts free monthly horoscopes and plenty of interviews with fellow astrologers. The videos have plenty of insights and offer an excellent overview of how to read charts since you actually see Brennan doing it himself.

Beginners will love to dig into the basic techniques and concepts playlist . It has only a few videos right now, but they’re all in-depth tutorials for a newbie. This might be one of the times you want to set up YouTube for better learning How To Set Up YouTube For Better Learning How To Set Up YouTube For Better Learning If you are not using YouTube to expand your mind and learn new skills, it’s time to catch up. There’s so much free knowledge available out there. Why not take advantage of it? Read More .

5. AstroBook : Check Compatibility With Your Facebook Friends

Finally, here’s a cool Chrome extension to have some fun with astrology. AstroBook works with your Facebook friends list to find out how compatible you are with them in Zodiac terms.

It’s a fairly basic tool, checking for compatibility, sex, and communication across both your profiles. You’ll need to go to any friend’s About page to see a button that says “Are We Compatible?” Click it to compare your Zodiac signs, with a short paragraph saying why you are or aren’t compatible.

Note that AstroBook only compares Zodiac signs and not your natal charts. The latter is the more trusted method to check astrological signs for compatibility. But come on, AstroBook is fun, don’t read too much into it.

Download: AstroBook Facebook Check for Chrome (Free)

Do You Trust Astrology?




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