I’m lost and don’t know what to do.

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Hi, I'm someone who decided to learn to code back in 2017. Learned bit of html, css and js still a noob
from colt steele the web developer bootcamp( didn't completed at all
), freecodecode camp, couple of courses from udemy and videos on youtube( traversy media, devtips etc
) and building todo app and portfolio website and even solving leetcode problem, started following people on twitter, reddit & medium (hackernoon,coderbrust, free code camp etc)
because I want to know what is happening and want to keep myself updated then looked into data science. ooh! the sexiest job of 21-century wahoo
. Started to learn python other perfect waste of time searching udemy, asking people on fb group which is the best course, should I do that or that ended up with 17 courses with title learn python for data science
again frustrated!! but guess what I know linear algebra, statistics and probability, and calculus because these were on my uni bachelor syllabus. I guess plus point
data science is definitely for me. Again ohh wait machine learning and this and that
. I ended up with curated list of resource on python, data science, ML and DL from github, udemy, youtube, edx and from different other paltfrom like machinelearningamastery, stanford and many other
spend 6 months on this things and I'm still a noob I haven't started exploring these resources yet and now I spend my entire 1 year doing just actually little js and alot of css and bit of python and spending a lot of time on searching resources. Now I'm depressed, frustrated, afraid because I'm someone who enrolled in bachelor on computer science degree. Until my 3rd year I haven't learned anything, nothing at all.Somehow even screwed my formal education will complete my 4 year bachelor degree in 6 year. Also need to find job as soon as possible after bachelor.

Got really, really frustrated and wiped out those entire resources took a break from this chaos. returned to do everything from ground zero, made my mindset that I started with data science as my dream career where I thought of web dev in past but again my friends who were far ahead of me startinglearning GO-lang
and they encouraged me I should look at golang. even did so it was easy, I was having fun. Again frustrated should I go with golang because its golang or what happened to data science or what happened to web dev. wtf what happened what.

( This is it. Every word of it is troubling me killing me inside. Sorry for my terrible writing. I'm not a native english speaker and have no experience in writing

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