Amazon Cloudfront Private Distribution – links to images inside CSS

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I created a private distribution in Cloudfront to prevent hotlinking. I managed to create links to my objects with signed URL which is working fine now.

My only concerns, is that images link inside my css stylesheets are not working because they are not signed. So if I have, for instance:

background-image: url('../img/bg.png');

The background image is not going to show up since the stylesheet does not include a signed url, and therefore, Cloudfront refuses to serve the content.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this ?

Let me step back and ask a fundamental question: Are you really
worried about people hotlinking your images? Really?
And if someone does, what is the realistic impact it will have on you? Really?

If you have a legitimate reason for preventing people from hot linking, then I'm not really sure that any
CDN service (in this case, CloudFront) is the right solution for you.

Hey, I'm just being honest…

Hello, buddy!

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