Andromeda, the Substratum Theme Customization Add-on for Android Oreo, is 50% Off Until Feb…

Before the folks behindSubstratum made headlines withAndromeda, the team releasedSungstratum. Sungstratum is similar to Andromeda in that it’s a paid add-on for Substratum that doesn’t require root access. However, it’s different in that it’s the first modularized external OEM-based theming system for Samsung devices running Android Nougat. Now that a number of Samsung phones have been updated to Oreo, though, the team has decided to end support for Sungstratum and slash 50% off the price of Andromeda to encourage folks to make the transition.

Sungstratum’s discontinuation is going to upset a lot of people, understandably, and the developers are well aware of this. But since Andromeda and Sungstratum are running on a completely different theming system, it doesn’t make much sense to continue to support both of them. The projects are complex, and updating Sungstratum with Oreo compatibility could cause code hiccups and potential bugs. Not only that, but it would take time and attention away from Andromeda.

The team says they have big plans for Andromeda and are committed to keeping it updated. That’s good news — we’ve seen Andromeda change the way the Android community themes its devices by allowing customizations that would have previously required flashing a ZIP file.

For those who are coming from Sungstratum, or who are new to Andromeda, you can follow this guide on how to install themes without root
. We have also covered a number of Substratum themes that work with Andromeda and allow you to customize it, including a fix for the lock screen swipe gesture issue
, a way to restore blob emojis in WhatsApp
, and more that you can find here

Andromeda will be on sale at 50% off ($0.99) for four days straight starting February 15 at 00:00 GMT and ending February 19 at 23:59 GMT.

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