Alto’s Odyssey isn’t launching on Android for months

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  • Sidescrolling sandboard game Alto’s Odyssey has been given an iOS release date of Feb. 22.
  • However, an Android release is still a few months away.
  • The game is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure.

On Feb. 12, it was announced that the sequel to beautiful snowboarding gameAlto’s Adventure was finally going to be released on iOS on Feb. 22. This was great news for fans of the game as it has beenover a year since it was first announced. However, there was a slight issue for Android phone owners as there was absolutely no news of an Android release date.

Those hoping that the Android release might have followed soon after the iOS release will be disappointed to learn that that is unlikely to be the case. In fact, the game isn’t set to be released on Android for another few months.

In an email to Android Authority, Ryan Cash from Snowman, the team behind the Alto series, said:

As a small team we have to prioritize one platform for our launch, but we haven’t forgotten about our Android players! We aren’t committing to a release date at the moment, but we’re hoping to get an Android version out in the months ahead.

Of course, it is understandable that an indie game studio like Snowman would not have the resources required for two simultaneous launches. It is also understandable that they would choose to release the game on iOS first as, historically, the iOS App Store generatesmore revenue than the Play Store. Nonetheless, it is disappointing for the fans who have been waiting a long time to play the new game.

For those unfamiliar with the original Alto game, it is a side-scrolling snowboarding game that stands out due to its simple yet elegant graphics and beautiful soundtrack. It won critical acclaim upon its release which resulted in plenty of end-of-year awards for 2015 (although, it wasn’t released on Android until 2016).

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The team behind Alto’s Adventure is making a skateboarding game

Snowman, the small independent team behind the acclaimed endless runner snowboarding game Alto's Adventure, is now taking that experience to help make a new skateboarding game. It announced a new collaboration with developer Agens today for the release …

The new game moves the action of the original game into a new dessert setting (meaning you are now sandboarding rather than snowboarding). The unique graphics style looks set to be pretty similar, but there will benew elements including the ability to wall ride, and vortexes that thrust you into the air.

The original Alto’s Adventure is currently free to download and play on the Play Store .

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