Are you surprised how popular Google’s Pixel phones are?

Since the launch of theoriginal Pixel in the fall of 2016, Google’s been hard at work to ensure its Pixel brand gets in front of as many people’s eyes as possible. It’s facing stiff competition on all fronts, but thanks to the success of last year’sPixel 2, sales are increasing at a steady rate.

The Pixel lineup may not be as profitable as Samsung’s Galaxy phones or Apple’s iPhones, but even if you’re not super invested into the technology space, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the Pixel phones at one point or another — whether it be in a Verizon store or through an ad on TV.

One of our users recently created a thread in the Android Central forums asking if anyone was surprised about how popular Google’s Pixel lineup has become, and these are a few of the responses.


02-08-2018 05:49 PM

Nope. Especially playing up the camera in the marketing. Camera is important to a lot of customers. Not OS updates. Not security updates. Not SD cards. Not removable batteries. Not unlocked, no carrier.



02-09-2018 01:03 AM

I’m not shocked. Google has Verizon helping with the advertising. For the US that’s a big player to be advertising & putting your phone in their store displays.



02-09-2018 01:13 PM

Not really, they partnered with Verizon for advertising. They used Samsungs strategy to get Verizon to push their phones and it worked. Had this phone not gotten the carrier support and heavy advertising, it would of just been another Nexus in terms of sales.



02-09-2018 07:26 PM

I’m pleasantly surprised with its prevalence. In today’s land of Samsung and Apple, it’s nice to have a third player in the game.


Now, we’d like to hear from you — Are you surprised about the Pixel’s popularity?

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