HTC’s smartphone president has resigned following ten quarters of losses

手机数码 2018-02-14

The news broke
in the early morning of February 14, with HTC citing Chang's resignation being due to his own "personal career plan." Chang is leaving HTC effective immediately, and as such, his duties and responsibilities now fall entirely on the shoulders of CEO and Chairwoman Cher Wang.

HTC will likely be on the lookout for someone to replace Chang's position, but that could be an uphill battle for the company. HTC's smartphone division has been losing money for ten consecutive quarters, with one of its most recent losses being $103 million in Q3 of last year. Devices like the HTC 10, U11, and U11+ are evidence that HTC can still make enticing hardware, but the fact of the matter is that customers don't seem to be interested in what it has to offer.

We're anticipating a 2018 flagship from the company in the form of theHTC U12, but where HTC goes from there remains to be seen. Google recently completed its acquisition of 2,000 of HTC's hardware employees
in late January, and when you combine that with consistent losses and Chang's recent departure, the future isn't looking too bright.

Chialin Chang first joined HTC in 2012 as the company's CFO, and it's been reported
that he'll move on to create his own AI startup at some point this year.

Google has officially completed its $1.1 billion HTC deal

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