Keep the settings in the database

Is there a way to keep the database of a debug apk to use in the APK version?

I have five people testing my app. It was signed with a debug key. Now, i want to release it, so i signed it with my keystore. Android can’t just upgrade the installation because of that (I tought i could do that), so i have to uninstall the debug ap

Standalone application: keep the database healthy / responsive over time

I have a WinForms C# application using a MS SQL Server Express database. The application is deployed on the PCs of our customers and they don’t have computer related knowledge. The application updates the database regularly and I see a lot of fragmen

Is there a way to keep the database data in PHP while the server is running?

I’m making a website that (essentially) lets the user submit a word, matches it against a MySQL database, and returns the closest match found. My current implementation is that whenever the user submits a word, the PHP script is called, it reads the

How do I convert a php web application to a desktop application and keep the database

We have a web-application developed in PHP. But most of clients don’t have internet connection all the time. So, is there way to convert the app into a desktop application so that it works stand alone and it syncs to web application whenever there is

Where does SQL Server 2008 keep the database.mdf file?

Possible Duplicate: SQL Server connection string problems I am developing a project using and database is SQL Server 2008. While I am uploading the project on the server it could not connect to the database. I am writing the following code in

How to keep the database in a separate SQL (portable) file?

I am creating an application for some user to maintain records in database. For this, I’ll have to write SQL query (C#) and create the database, if does not exist, when user starts/installs the application. To make the creation and backup procedure e

Is there a way to keep user settings in a database in WPF?

I’m exploring all the options to persist user settings. The artilce in the url User-specific settings files for a windows form application: local xml file or database convinced me to store the settings into a db as my application is a standalone comm

Access Development – keep the database online in sync with the dev database

I’m a MSSQL developer and I’ve recently been tasked to fix up an Access based system. This change involves making database changes. I dont want to develop on the “live” datbase, i’d rather make a copy of one and then at the end when all testing

Testing and managing versions of the database against code versions

As you develop an application database changes inevitably pop up. The trick I find is keeping your database build in step with your code. In the past I have added a build step that executed SQL scripts against the target database but that is dangerou

MongoDB without the database?

Is it possible to use MongoDB without the database part? As really for my application what would be ideal is to just keep the database in memory, and not actually require a database server. The use case for this is to pretty much wrap a selector/quer

Design of retrievable information and access to the database

I am in the following situation. I will make up a real world case to put things clear. Suppose I have to model a cube in 3d space, and this cube has a specific material: an object of type Cube contains a set of information about its spatial position,

T-SQL – How to copy a database and keep the security settings intact?

I have a SQL 2005 Express database with security configured for Windows authentication on my development machine. Occasionally I need to copy it to a SQL 2008 R2 test server that uses SQL authentication. I’ve tried detaching and attaching the develop

Using the Database to Contain Application Settings

I am looking at ways to make our application more extensible and easier to manipulate without having to alter the web.config (or, in our case, application.config files, which contain the appsettings node). One way I have thought about is keeping the

Is the storage of the user configuration settings on the database correct?

I’m building a fairly large enterprise application made in python that on its first version will require network connection. I’ve been thinking in keeping some user settings stored on the database, instead of a file in the users home folder. Some of

The ViewBag model that splits the controller into multiple pages with the database settings is to bypass the records

Summary: Separating a list of Services into multiple pages by a page limit is losing a record in between the two pages. The second page starts from the same ID regardless of change using Razor. In other words, I need Page 2 to pick up where Page 1 en

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