Sublime text 3 not recognizing html files when using templates

How to load the HTML file when using the Windows timeout function?

So I’m trying to load my homepage HTML file after it a certain time frame. This is what I have right now: reply.file(‘./views/afteradd.html’); setTimeout( function(){ window.location.href= “views/add.html”; }, 1000); I want to load my add.html f

Not including some files when using DirectoryInfo.GetFiles ()

I have some code which looks in a base directory for the most recent file that was written to (modified). The code works fine in that it finds the exact file I am after but if there is a system file, such as ‘Thumbs.db’ and if that file is the most r

HTML – Script – cache the & ldquo; /index.html” File when using

for example: On appples website when going to I will come to and it should be to but the index.html is not shown. i want this on my site: for example when going t

Code will not write a file when using Python 3

I am using Notepad++ as an editor and I am running Python 3 from Notepad. This is the code: import sys def write(): print (“Creating new file”) name = ‘NewFile.txt’ file = open(name,’w’) file.close() write() The problem is not the code itself, I

Django will not serve static files when using the development server

I just started a new development server for a website I am working on and I can’t seem to get the Django development server to serve the static files I have for CSS and other things. The CSS for the admin site loads fine. I am running it in a virtual

The process can not access the file when using StreamWriter

Basically I want to create a file if not existing then write message to it. if (!File.Exists(filePath + fileName)) File.Create(filePath + fileName); StreamWriter sr = new StreamWriter(filePath + fileName,false); How to deal with this error? The proce

How to tell Sublime Text to include external header files in C ++

To compile and run .cpp file in Sublime Text 2, I press command + shift + B. But I don’t know how to tell Sublime Text to link external .h file. When I put #include “genlib.h” and compile, I receive this error. /Users/ckaj/Desktop/main.cpp:1:10:

Mysqlimport reports Error: 29, File ‘/tmp/newTable.txt’ not found (Errcode: 13), when using array: newTable

For a while not I have been trying to import a tab separated text file into my mysql database. I keep getting this error. A few forums advised that I should change the mode of the file and folder to 777. Which I did, but still the same error. Error:

Effectively show the status of the file when using the background wire

How can i efficiently display the status of a file when using a background thread? For instance, lets say i have a 100MB file: when i do the code below via a thread (just as an example) it runs in about 1 min: foreach(byte b in file.bytes) { WriteByt

Prevent overwriting files when using save () or save.image ()

I am trying to find a way to stop accidental overwriting of files when using the save() and save.image() function in R.Use file.exists() to test if the file is there, and if it is, append a string to the name. Edit: Thanks Marek, I’ll expand on your

Sublime Text 2 changes to the files are not displayed when refreshing the browser in the Maven project

I am having problems when editing template-files(HTML-files) in my Maven-project. I have made the Maven-project an Eclipse-project with the command “mvn eclipse:eclipse” (if it matters). I am using the Apache Velocity Engine as template engine f

The CSS style sheet does not affect my html file when I open it from my computer

Content of background.txt: html { background: url(desk

CSS file does not link to the HTML file when the website has been brought online

I have tested out my website from my computer without any web hosting and my html document and css document are linking perfectly. However, when i decided to try it out online on 000webhost, i uploaded both files and made sure that the directories we

The Alignment plugin in Sublime Text does not work with style.less (less file)

As the title, i can’t find the way to make alignment plugin available with .less file. It’s just work on CSS FileI haven’t tested this yet, but I have a pretty strong hunch that it might help your case. Open sublime text, and go to Preferences>Browse

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