Storing and accessing snapshot value from $ rootScope

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In my global controller (assigned to the body in html) I have the following code to grab a snapshot of firebase one time.

ref.once('value', function(snapshot){
    var data = snapshot;
    $rootScope.content = data.val();

I am using the content in my HTML templates to render them. All the questions I found had resulted in putting the "then" code inside the callback.

Literally all I need to do is be able to grab a snapshot one time and store it on $rootScope.content
and access it outside of the function, i.e. anywhere in my app.

I'm pretty sure it's because everything is rendering prior to firebase returning anything, I'm just not sure the best way to tell it to wait.

Thank you in advance.


ref.once('value', function(snapshot){
    $rootScope.content = snapshot.val();


    $rootScope.content = snapshot.val();

From the


Return ValueReturns a Promise that can optionally be used instead of the successCallback and failureCallback to handle success and failure.

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