Inconsistent box-shadow when altering opacity and background

I have this jsFiddle
. When any of the blocks is hovered, it expands (by replacing its margin with padding) and gets a box-shadow, whereas the rest of the blocks become translucent via jQuery.

None of the elements has a defined background, so it gets white by default, and inside each block is a mostly white image. However, as you can see, the hovered block’s box-shadow
isn’t uniform: it varies depending on whether it’s over a white bg (the images) or an undefined
bg (the rest of the blocks, the space between them).

Setting the background for div.block
s to white solved part of the problem
, i.e. the shadowing over the entire block is the same; however I can’t seem to do anything about the spaces between

Should jQuery also do something to the hovered block’s parent container? Would the use of rgba instead of opacity help?

Problem courtesy of: willf


I’m not entirely certain I understood your issue, but building upon your second fiddle, I believe adding this css
helped make the shadow look better (
see fiddle

), which I think resolves the issue you are referring to:

div.block.expanded {
    position: relative;
    z-index: 2;

Solution courtesy of: ScottS

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