Google rolls out redesigned ‘People also search for’ UI on desktop

Google is rolling out a minor redesign to its Search suggestion feature that notes what other people are looking for. This functionality is aimed at helping users find similar queries that might answer their lookups.

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“People also search for” appears after users revisit a results page. The basic assumption is that users return for more results when they did not find what they’re looking for on just the visited page. Google can use the patterns of other users to offer more relevant queries instead of requiring you to manually modify the search yourself.

Desktop Search highlights the clicked link in a box with results underneath. Six results (eight on mobile) are available on desktops with a close button in the upper-right corner to hide them. Tapping on a suggestion will launch a new Google Search. These suggestions only appear on regular links and not Top Stories or other cards.

Mobile Search has a similar interface that leverages a carousel to see other searches.

Overall, it’s similar to the existing “People also ask,” but a bit more tuned to the link your just visited. However, it’s not as direct compared to the former’s Featured Snippets. For the moment, both features appear to exist in conjunction with one another.

As of today, the redesign of “People also search for” appears to be widely rolled out on desktops.

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