What does it mean to win a Search Engine Land Award?

When we decided to launch our search marketing industry awards program three years ago, the guiding principle was have the honors be truly meaningful. That’s why it’s no small task to enter the competition- we ask for a lot of supporting data and information so our editorial staff and industry judges can effectively measure outstanding results and reward innovation in search marketing.

Year after year, we’ve seen the level of competition rise, and fully expect 2017 to showcase some amazing examples of successful search marketers. And for many finalists, there really is satisfaction in being added to the short list, and we agree – it’s incredibly difficult to name just one winner in every category.

While earning a finalist title would have been enough after a win the previous year, Katy Tonkin of Point It was pleasantly surprised to take home a trophy in 2016 for an enterprise SEM campaign they ran for Microsoft Store.

We were up against some impressive brands: AARP, Catalyst for Jaguar Land Rover, ROI DNA for Virgin America and Search Discovery for ApartmentFinder.com

Whether you’re an individual consultant, in-house team member or part of a small or large agency, we want to honor your hard work and the tangible results you and/or your team drive as a result of the search marketing tactics learned here on Search Engine Land, at our conferences or through your own experiments and learning.

At last year’s awards gala, we took to the red carpet to ask some of the winners what it meant to be recognized by Search Engine Land and take home a coveted “Landy Award”.

While being humble about their own thought leadership and contributions to the search marketing community, last year’s individual winners Eric Enge and Jennifer Lopez both noted the efforts of their supporting teams.

For many agencies, it’s a tangible representation of all the hours of work team members do on behalf of clients. It’s validation for the client. It’s recognition among the best of your industry peers. See what last year’s winning SEM Agency of the Year, Jellyfish had to say about why this award means so much to their team:

There are25 categories in the 2017 awards competition, so start putting your submissions together today.

Reminder – the early entry period for Search Engine Land’s 2017 Landy Awards is just a few weeks away! Save $100 when you enter before 11:59PM PST on July 14th – enter now .


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