Top 10 Dev Articles Over the Past Week (Feb 2–8)

Hi, folks! It’s insane how fast the week has flown! Nevertheless, we’re here with our weekly digest of the coolest reads that we’ve been handpicking for your over the past 7 days. Let’s go!

  1. JavaScript ES6 — The Spread Syntax (…)

    The first article in today’s digest is devoted to the tips and trick of working with the spread syntax in ES6. Brandon Morelli
    talks about the use cases of the feature, using practical and easy-to-understand code samples.

  2. Computer Science VS Software Engineering — Which Major Is Best For You?

    A post by YK Sugishita
    , an ex-dev at Google, who now runs a 200k Youtube channel about programming. The author explains the difference between the majors, elaborating on what you should focus on when choosing between them.

  3. 10 Tips for developers

    If you’re out of ideas on how to boost your professional skills, this succinct, but insightful article should be of help. By Germán Cutraro

  4. An Exhaustive Guide to Writing Dockerfiles for Node.js Web Apps

    . The title of the article pretty much says it all: everything you need to know about dockerfiles for Node.js-based web apps. By Praveen Durairaj

  5. ELI5: What do we mean by “blockchains are trustless”?

    . Preethi Kasireddy
    expounds on the meaning of the term “trustless” in the context of the Internet 2.0 a.k.a. Blockchain.

  6. Exploring KTX for Android

    An article by Joe Birch
    , in which he introduces you to the new set of Kotlin extensions for developing apps for Android.

  7. React Native Authentication in Depth

    The author of the post breaks down the implementation of the authentication using the cross platform framework. By Nader Dabit

  8. Custom operators in Swift

    Are you an iOS developer? If the answer is yes, you will definitely find the article useful. Well, unless you’re a senior mega iOS jedi. In such case, you may as well skip it :P By John Sundell

  9. Technical Tuesdays: Using GraphQL, a Ruby on Rails introduction

    An article about Ruby on Rails — Yaaaaay! Unicorn Agency
    shows you how to make GraphQL and Ruby on Rails work together, using real-life examples.

  10. Vue on 2018 — Interview with Evan You, author of the Vue.js framework

    If you’ve been wondering why the framework is what it is or what its future is going to look like, you’ll find the answers in the article by Liesbeth Hermans

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s list. Tell us which of the articles you’ve found the most useful in the comment section below. Until next time, you can always view JetRuby’s




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