Form Module | A new DXA module

综合技术 2017-06-26

At Tridion developer summit, 2017 in Amsterdam, I got this opportunity to learn about a new module shared by Stanislav Kroshchenko from SDL. This module is not yet included in official DXA module but code is already shared to further extend and use it. We can use this module to easily implement web forms with SDL Web and DXA. The objective of this blog is to share the knowledge with the community.

As we know in almost every website there is requirement to create forms. This module can help to quickly implement forms. You can find the details about installation steps at the git repository url of this module. Here are some details shared by Stanislav Kroshchenko in TDS:

This module can be used with SDL Web 8 or latest and DXA 1.6 and latest. You can download the code from git repository url dxa -forms-module and follow mentioned steps to install and use it. This module is implemented for .Net version of DXA only. It can be used to implement classic web form(s) as well as AJAX web form(s). It has 2 types of built in support of validation: 1. Client side: Using Unobtrusive JavaScript 2. Server side: written in back-end C# code.

Schema design of Form module:

Although, it has limited functionality, but provides a good way to start with forms. There are still a good scope of improvement in this module. Any one can use the code and improve it by doing a pull request. Few improvement points of this module:

  • Implement drag & drop functionality using XPM.
  • Implement multi step form
  • Implement more handlers like Marketto.
  • Add to official DXA modules github repository.
  • Downloading of multimedia items after successful submission of form.
  • More form field type support like file upload, captcha.

If you think this module can save your development time, use it and if you are extending it for any generic functionality, share it with the community. I have implemented Forms in many big Tridion and non-Tridion based projects and I can suggest this module can be used as a quick start for form implementation for Enterprise clients.

What next, I am planning to extend this module with some of the functionality mentioned above. In my next blog, I will also share my experience of implementing forms for few big Enterprise clients.


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